Sunday, May 08, 2005

My feet still hurt

I had a friend in Thursday, which involved two bottles of wine and a headache Friday morning. It was a gorgeous night though. Takeout Olive Garden, Ghirardelli chocolates and great conversation with someone you've known for ten years.

And ... back to the real world. Friday night at my real job -- not RetailVillage -- was hellish. All work, with a side dish of work and an extra helping of work with crap gravy on top. That special project -- which I asked for help on, mind you -- I didn't get any help on. And I had to go to RetailPlanet at 7 a.m. So I just left it until Saturday.

WallyBananas was a nuthouse today. I was all alone trying to run the front end until 10:30 a.m. I had to put this totally crackers cashier at the Service Desk. She thinks she's multi-talented, but she's really multi-disfunctional.

You know how on direct-deposit checks, you still get a check stub. She tried to cash the part that says "THIS IS NOT A CHECK - PAYROLL ADVICE ONLY!" I'm back in Layaway (yet again) and I get an emergency page to the Service Desk. I get up there and there are eight people in line and she's trying to cash this check.

Now, we do have problems with checks, for various reasons. However, IF IT IS NOT A CHECK, WE SURE AS HELL CANNOT CASH THE FREAKING THING! So I go, "Sir, I'm sorry, but this is not a check. You've already gotten your money." And I look at the cashier, who looks back at me and chirps - "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't even look at it."

This is the same one who tried to take a $300 check (with white-out over the address) for a gift card one time. Yea-ahhh. Not too bright. But that's how desperate I was. And my feet still hurt!

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