Thursday, May 05, 2005

Sleeping in!

I had the day off, but that doesn't mean my other job wasn't a total ass-f****** experience. I get in and there's this 20-page, multi-day project that starts Sunday waiting for me.

Of course, my supervisor was off today, so no one told anyone about this and I only found out by accident when I was snooping around for a news budget. **sigh** I really should plug in more and not be so "do my job and go home" all the time. What choice did I have but finish my work and then start the drudgery.

And to make it worse, it is all about Christians bringing relief to the famine-striken poor of Africa, if only they accept the word of our Lord Savior. I swear, I never knew there was a word such as "Evange-Cube" in the English lexicon.

And I remembered something from Monday at RetailPlanet. This woman came in and asked for a manager. Now, we're trained not to bother the "real" manager unless it is something we absolutely CANNOT solve.

ME: "I'm a customer service manager ma'am. Is there something I can help you with?"
HER: (She points a boy, maybe 4, holding a lipstick). "He took this yesterday. I'm making him bring it back."
ME: "Um ... " And I give her a blank look. "Do you want to pay for it now?"
HER: "NO. I just want him to bring it back."
ME: So I lean down and with everyone at the service desk watching, try to gently impart to this fragile child that what he did was wrong. I'm sure this white trash virago screamed at him plenty anyway, and I really didn't know how to handle the situation. I asked him if he knew what he did was wrong and if he'd not do it again because he could get in trouble. He nodded and I thanked white-trash-mommy for bringing him in.

Anyway, I felt sorry for the poor thing. He was obviously a young queen in training (long lashes, gorgeous bone structure, shoplifting makeup and not toys). I just wish he had better taste. For god's sake, hold out for some Chanel or something ~ DON'T START WITH MAYBELLINE! IT WILL RUIN YOUR PORES!

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Barn Buddy said...

So sad that you have to supplement your newspaper job income with p/t at w-mart.