Thursday, May 26, 2005

Managers = STUPID

My new mission in life is to completely avoid any and all managers. Why? Because they are devoid of actual intelligence. Sort of like rocks, or maybe donkeys. They love to get into a situation, order people around without understanding things, then wonder why things get even more cocked up than before.

To wit ... both self-checkouts died yesterday morning. The computer systems took a mondo dump and froze up on customers. Instead of re-booting and having the same problem happen again 15 minutes later, they just shut them down to wait for the repairman to come last night. We could manage for eight hours without the freaking DIY registers.

Today, the people that opened up didn't know that the repairman had been in. The last information we had was that they were still down and that the guy had to come back for another service call Wednesday evening at 6 p.m.

We had a severe staff shortage today. Five out of eleven cashiers did a No Show on us, plus one was fired for eating stuff off the shelf without paying for it. So it was a tough day. To be honest, those self-checks were the LAST thing on our minds.

This lady comes up, has a fit because they aren't open. The other girl I'm working with apologizes, says the computer system is down and they'll be fixed soon. Well, that apparently wasn't good enough for her. She goes home and calls to complain and DEMANDS to speak to a manager.


OK FOOL >>>> 1. They were broken until the guy came in to fix them at 10 p.m. last night and didn't tell anyone he HAD fixed them. 2. You'd rather we take a cashier off a register and open those useless things? 3. You can't schedule enough staff to operate the store and don't even come up front to see what the problem is but you manage OVER THE PHONE? 4. You're a tool anyway.

The end result was that at 6 p.m. we had to close two registers, open both the self checkout stations and delay two lunches by an hour. So who's happy now?

  • These cashiers that get their lunch an hour late? NO.
  • This idiot customer who started the whole fiasco? NO. (well, maybe, probably because she is a miserable person in the first place)
  • Us? Because we've tried to explain that we 1) had a staff shortage and 2) were waiting for the OK from the repairmain so that we didn't have MORE upset customers when the machines ate their money in the middle of a transaction and no one listened. NO.
  • Managers? Who think we're idiots and don't know how to do our jobs? NO.

    So why even try to wade into something? Why pretend to "manage" something that should have been better left alone? All the managers love to pretend to worry about "customer satisfaction," like that's going to save their jobs. Um, no. You should really be worrying about finding the people that come to the store, clock in and go home. Or the ones who don't do anything all day. Or that aren't actually working hard. LEAVE ME THE FRELL ALONE YOU USELESS, MINDLESS TOOLS!!!!

    Or just DO FRELLING SOMETHING instead of walking around all day. I've yet to see a manager stocking, putting out freight or even straightening up merchandise on the shelves. They just order someone else to do it. I never ask the cashiers to do anything I wouldn't do myself - from putting out bags to taking out the trash. I even cleaned up baby puke one day. Been there, done that. That is good management. Our fools are just poor specimens of the management gene pool.

    Oh, I feel so much better now!

    Heather said...

    Hey, I know what you mean. Of course, my store is a lot worse than yours is in my opinion. I live in Washington, and they don't know what supercenters are around here, but we need them here. A hometown Wal-Mart just isn't big enough for the amount of customers that come into that store. It also has a horrible design. Anyway, I only had to worry about 18 registars instead of 25 or whatever you have to worry about, and my managers were yelling at me because there were lines. We don't have self-checkouts, so there isn't much I can do about the lines. If all the registars are opened, everyone including the people on the sales floor are on a registar, then there isn't much else I can do, unless they want to jump on the registar (heaven forbid they get their hands dirty). In the end, they end up putting every CSM on the registar and taking over. They don't take in consideration lunches or breaks, they just put you on. Then, after everything has calmed down, they leave you with your draw short and a mess up front, only to come back up there five minutes later to ask why the hell it hasn't been cleaned up and what the hell is wrong with you because you can't manager propertly! I would love to see them do actual work within the store instead of jumping down our throats because they can't do their jobs.

    That is one reason why I quit the other day. It didn't help that my boss told me (who by the way is nothing but a fat SOB)that no one liked working with me because I was bossy. Well, HELLO, I'm the only one actually doing my job, and if they don't like they can kiss my ass. Anyway, I just thought I would share.

    Love your journal by the way. It's so damn funny.

    FARfetched said...

    Sadly, I think your managers are more typical than bottom of the barrel. Getting a management job these days is more a matter of having connections than it is any kind of talent. Look at the bozo in the White House for example.

    Anonymous said...

    All I can say is AMEN AMEN AMEN!!
    All they do is just that walk around bossing others around. They only got where they got because 1. they look good and 2. they know how to say sir and how high would you like for me to jump sir. F-that.

    Anonymous said...

    I used to work at this place where I was usually by myself with the occasional 4hr cover shift during peak hours. The reason I was left on my own is because I was one of the few who could be trusted to actually get stuff done, and then people start complaining about how I never do any cleaning or returns. It's like what do you expect, I'm always doing that stuff, your just not here to see it and when I have the extra hands I have to take care of things that only can be done by someone with my level of system access while at least I can count on you to take care of the cleaning without messing up too much.