Wednesday, May 25, 2005

All registers down!

I had just gotten in Sunday when Registers 15-23 just took a huge dump and went completely down. Now, imagine a Wal-Mart on a Sunday afternoon, packed with people and NINE registers packed with people just fall out with a seizure.

It was a complete madhouse for the next two hours as we tried to recover and figure out what to do. We tried to reset the registers. No go. We finally had to completely dump the computer memory, dump it again and restart them then. In the process, I almost broke my finger trying to jam a new debit reader onto #15 so we could sell cigarettes.

It took hours before the lines got to a manageable level. And by 8 p.m., everyone left me alone. So for the next three hours, I was all alone. Thankfully, nothing too bad happened.

Monday, I spent four hours on the phone trying to fix all our dead registers - #3, #5, #6, #14, #17, #21 and the GM self-checks. It takes multiple calls because different issues require different calls to different people. And I was on my knees (yeah, right) in Layaway trying to fix this broken register that's been giving us fits for weeks.

This weekend, I have three days off from Retail Planet, so I'm looking forward to some "ME-TIME" and maybe the movies. Peace out.

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Anonymous said...

So, do y'all have NCR guys in your area? We do...and thank heaven; that's how I met my boyfriend. lol :D
I work layaway too...(although, as you've doubtless heard, I--or anyone else, for that matter--won't be for long *sobs uncontrollably*)so I know all about layaway registers pooping out at the worst possible time. Of course, at my store we only have 10 registers, four self-checkouts and the service desk. And everyone and their mother just love to check out at the service desk when it's not flooded...even if plenty of other registers are open. I guess it's because the service desk isn't set apart from everything else like it is at all the other stores I've been to.