Thursday, April 28, 2005

Oh horrible day

I have to work six days in a row now. That includes doubles Thursday, Friday (6-3!) and Saturday, evil Sunday, a weird 10-3 mid on Monday and another double on Tuesday.

After horrible day I had Tuesday, I spent all night and all day today turning the issue over and over in my mind. I honestly don't think I'm mean to manage people. I'm too much of a good and decent person inside. As long as I can view what I do as widgets on a chessboard, i.e. Register 8, Register 17, etc. I can make it work. When it starts to involve people, with the resulting discipline problems and conflicting personalities, I'm just not comfortable with that aspect of my position.

What's funny is that customers don't bother me one bit. I know they are stupid. Or just don't know any better. It is fellow associates who are BEING PAID and who act like children instead of responsible adults who I don't understand.

I think I'm going to ask to step down from management and go back to the Service Desk. I don't know if they'll let me, but I think I'm going to present it as being "in the best interest of the store, and the company, etc." I'm just not effective at my job, so please let me do something that I want to do and that I'd be good at anyway. I don't really care about the $.70 cent decrease. I'm already going to part-time anyway. Those are my thoughts. I just wish that people who are being paid to act like adults would really do so.

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