Friday, April 01, 2005

My Mussolini impression

I issued demands at Wal-Mart today. I "politely" asked to cut my schedule back to three days a week. I wrestled with the decision, and decided that the money (which isn't much, mind you) wasn't worth my health and the impact on my well-paying job at the newspaper.

The consternation in the room was palpable. I made it clear though that the only other alternative was me quitting. "But you're so good with the cashiers ... " and "We really need you right now ..." I stood firm. I just can't take it any more. It just flat out isn't worth it to me to be killing myself.

So this is the compromise. I'm going to give them full-time for the two weeks, because the schedule is already made up and two people are out right now anyway. I'm not that evil - yet, anyway.

By the third week of April, I'm supposed to go down to four days a week; by the next week, I'm working only on Friday & Saturday mornings and closing on Sunday nights. This leaves me with Mondays completely free from both jobs, and Tuesday-Thursday mornings open again.

If these promises don't hold, and I've been assured repeatedly that they will, we're going to have a serious conversation. They need me more than I need them, so I have the upper hand. Several experience people are leaving, so I'm the most talented person left at the podium. Also, I've no problem working weekends. We also get a $1 extra an hour for working on Sundays.

Today was a little nutty too. Some man walked right behind the Service Desk screaming about some clothes drying rack that didn't have the right screws. I asked him if I could go get one off the shelf and give him the missing parts. "NO YOU CAN'T" he yelled at me. "BECAUSE I ALREADY OPENED UP ALL THOSE OTHER (expletive deleted) BOXES AND YOU DON'T HAVE ANY OF THESE (another expletive deleted) PARTS!)_

I tried to explain to him that it was defective and probably just a screw up at the factory and that I'd be happy to refund his money. But he wanted the dratted clothes rack. And he kept yelling. "I'VE GOT CLOTHES ALL OVER THE FLOOR AND NOWHERE TO PUT THEM! WHY DON'T YOU HAVE THIS PIECE OF (yet another expletive deleted) FIXED?)

I finally got him calmed down and out of there, although he promised to come back tomorrow and look for me specifically so I could do his refund. Joyful.

And some lady with some hair color (she must have been 60) wanted to know why I personally couldn't do her exchange. They don't understand that it is a matter of inventory control. I don't have a register or money. A customer service associate has to take the product you're returning back in, then sell you the one you want. I can't just take one from you then give you a new one. She was quite put out at having to wait in line. She "HMPFFFED" and the set her little bony hand on her hip and waited in line though.

And some fool brought in a can of paint thinner from Home Depot. "I must have used the one from Wal-Mart. You sure I can't return this one." Yeah, I'm sure you can't return Home Depot paint thinner at Wal-Mart, sir. Jesus!


DJC said...

good choice! except the forgetting to demand a promotion part. but other than that small detail, good choice.

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