Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Down the rabbit hole

I have been getting more and more sick. My voice went almost entirely Sunday and Monday and I still drugged myself to the gills and straggled in to Wal-Mart. Sunday was bad, but Monday was absolute hell.

Three of us had to try and cope with the full-on crush of Easter bargain shoppers all by ourselves all night. One of the co-managers even slapped me on a register. Oh HELL NO! I couldn't refuse though. Thank god one of the other girls saw me and sent someone over as soon as she could. To give you a picture, we did more than a million dollars over the Easter weekend and moved 28 pallets of Easter merchandise in four days!

Some of the cashiers were still laughing at me for being being sick and trying to rasp out what register they were going to. So I sent them to the big grocery registers or out to the outside Garden door in the sun. I repeat, don't screw with me.

These managers come up, want to know why more registers aren't open, then act shocked when we tell them that 15 people called of or didn't show up on Easter Sunday. Um, you fools are the ones taking call-offs. Or sending people home for wearing blue jeans. I don't care if they're wearing feathers and a thong, slap them on a register!

And we get grief because no cart-pushers showed up. How is that my fault? You're the ones who hired unreliable help! You're not going to run the store while I go push carts (not that I'm ever going to push carts, mind you), nor will you go push carts, so GET OFF MY BACK!

And the woman with the coffeemaker. I don't care that you have a credit card receipt. All that means is that you spent $26.00 in Wal-Mart in December. That doesn't mean that this allegedly defective coffee pot cost $25 plus tax. She raised a fuss until some manager gave her an even exchange. Me, I'd have tossed her and that coffee pot out the door on her keister!

OK, I'm sick as a dog and not getting any better despite 15 hours of sleep today. Maybe I need better pills! Peace out!


DJC said...

better pills, and MORE pills too!!! yum.

Anonymous said...

Do you take posting requests? I curious about how a supposedly Christian company like Wal-Mart treats gay employees. You're obviously out on your blog, are you out at work? If not, why not? If so, how has it gone over?