Thursday, February 17, 2005

Old, rich white people blow

Picture it: Wal-Mart, 1:45 p.m., two supervisors are standing there at the customer service podium. We're filling out paperwork and looking over the schedule, trying to make sure everyone has had a lunch/break and seeing who is going to come in at two.

Cranky customer walks up. We look up. "Can we help you, ma'am?" my co-worker says. "I CERTAINLY HOPE SO," this person says, in one of the rudest tones possible. "DOES ANYONE IN THIS STORE SPEAK ENGLISH?"

I look right at this woman and go "Si." She just looked back at me blankly. They are so rude. Just because I have a Wal-Mart vest on, you ARE NOT better than I am.

Old and wealthy white people, of which we have a lot of, are the meanest things on the planet. (I know they're all Republican tools too!) They don't want to be helped. They want to be SERVED. It don't work that way. I will help you. I WILL NOT wait on you like a dog.

You are a customer. That does not entitle you to my services beyond what we would do for any other customer. We will carry heavy items to your car. We WILL NOT carry a gallon of milk out for you. Case in point. One woman in a neck brace demanded a carry-out. She had no problem getting the items off the shelf, onto the register, but couldn't get them into the trunk of her car. Ohh, I wanted to slap the heifer.

Honestly, who do they think is going to work in the store for $6 an hour? Oftentimes, they yell at the poor girls who don't speak good English instead of trying to explain what they want so someone can help them. Or they don't understand that not every single person knows where every single thing in the store is. Heck, I can't answer half the things people ask.

And they're lazy. Where's hardware? Where's toys? Where's the grocery section? Where's the pets? DID YOU BOTHER TO EVEN LOOK? Or do you want me to hold your hand?

One woman actually came up to customer service and demanded that someone take her over to grocery and do her shopping for her because she was so "confused" because the store was "too big." Um, if you're that "confused," you shouldn't be driving heifer!

And another thing. Why is it that people getting EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer), the new food stamps, are sometimes the nastiest pieces of work within ten miles. One skanky 'ho came in today wearing a terrycloth halter top with tattoos on both breasts. Which might have been OK if she hadn't been 55 and weighed a good 250 pounds and looked like she'd been knocking back bon-bons and Miller-Lite for 30 years! Every time I have to go over to a register to do an EBT override I just want to tell these people. I pay for you to get all this food. GET A FREAKING JOB!

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Anonymous said...

Did you read the paper today?? Your employer made 10 BILLION DOLLARS last year! I think you deserve a raise! Esp. since you have to converse with rich, old, white heifers.

- djc