Saturday, January 15, 2005

Barrista barrio boy update

Things have been running hot and cold with the barrista barrio boy. I found out his name. George. Not Jorge, but George. Hmm. Rather pedestrian. I was hoping for Raul or Alejandro or something. Not George.

He "dropped in" at Wal-Mart to see me again. But he had another guy with him. That equation cancels out to zero. He was noticeably cool to me on Tuesday night, sort of blowing me off when I went in to Starbucks, so that was a minus.

Thursday, I got a frappucino at half-price, and tonight I got extra whipped cream and chocolate. I remarked, "I feel special." He fired back - "Why, because of the chocolate, or because I made it?" I dunno. I've done my flirting. The ball, and the coffee beans are in his court for now.

I trained for Layaway at Wal-Mart today. It didn't take long and really only added to my skill base. It is another place to go so that I don't have to go on a real register. I'd rather slit my wrists rather than go on a register. Just the thought of mounds of groceries. Ugh. Just let me sit up at Customer Service and hand out money all day. I'll deal with the angry customers and screaming babies and rude people and whatnot.

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