Wednesday, January 26, 2005

My life in a minute

What's been going on? Work and more work. The service desk at Wal-Mart has been crazy busy. I was telling my therapist about it and he said I should write a book. "Behind the Counter: Tales from Customer Service." Snappy title don't you think?

Customers wanting vacuum cleaners. People complaining that the paging system is too loud (didn't you hear the announcement that we are WORKING on it!). Some crazy old man demanding that someone take care of the dog locked in the car in the parking lot. A lady who wants six cents back on some ham. And she informs me that in Michigan there is a "scanning law" so that when something rings up wrong, you get FIVE TIMES the difference and the item free. Thank you, heifer.

And a lady demanding to know how much the phone cards charge when you call Canada. Excuse me, do I look like AT&T customer service? That is what the phone is for. She tied us up for more than an hour demanding to know why we couldn't tell her how much the rate for calling Canada was when we sold the cards. Don't buy it if you don't want to.

There's a new Barrista Barrio Boy update. He was dressed all in army fatigues yesterday and was talking about his "ho's." I'm so over it.

I've got a new friend though. Although she's worrying me talking about some guy getting out of prison that's been in there for a while and how she's wanting to get some. Um, let's hold off on the prison romances. Ain't you never seen "OZ" honey?

Oh, and I think I may have been promoted at Wal-Mart, but no one will tell me if it is official/unofficial, not official yet or just not this week. Anyway, I may get the keys to the kingdom (register keys and override numbers) and a special red vest. And all on my birthday (which is Thursday, so leave me messages.) Peace out!

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Merry 31st Birthday!!!