Sunday, December 26, 2004

So much to report

I know, I know, I've let my loyal fans (all two of you) down. I spent two weeks at home in the backwoods of Arkansas with only a fidgety 56K dial-up modem that went out whenever the water in the ditch got above the phone line. As it rained a lot while I was home, my Web browsing was severely curtailed.

When I came back, I delivered an ultimatum to Wal-Mart. Move me to Customer Service or I'm quitting. They moved me. Now I'm the queen of the Customer Service counter. I hand out refunds, manage the money orders and run the intercom system for the store. Power, it is a drug and I'm drinking it to the dregs.

Most people hate working at Customer Service, but I love it. I figured out one thing -- you have exactly what that customer wants -- money for whatever they're returning -- and they're willing to stand in line to get it, so you have the upper hand. They'll hand you a driver license or whatever you ask for just to get the money back on a pair of pants. I made one man go home to get his passport to return a pack of light bulbs. No ID, no money.

But I have worked more than 100 hours in the past two weeks, plus my real job. That's going to be a humongous fat check. I just can't wait! So I haven't really had time to post. All my free time is pretty much taken up with sleeping.

Peace out!

PS: Hope everyone had a great holiday. I did. I had Christmas dinner with a friend at a Denny's and got to oogle a cute alterna-boy type waiter!

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what do you do at the newspaper?