Saturday, November 27, 2004

Old people and condoms

I was rudely yanked off the cushy post on the self-checkouts and put to work in the HBA (Health & Beauty) section this afternoon. Stupid assistant managers. Don't they know that cashiers are need at the registers? And they wonder why customers complain when they can't get checked out? Fools.

Anyway. I'm working (slowly, because it is almost time for me to go home, and I didn't want to be there anyway) trying to straighten up this mess in the hair accessories, when a very old gentleman taps me on the shoulder and asks sotto voice "Do you know where the prophylactics are?"

I tell you, I nearly peed my pants. Just the thought of this old guy slipping on a condom and giving some old lady (0r some hot young thing) one really made my day. I told him it was over in Pharmacy and said that he could find them. He asked if I knew what he meant and I smiled and told him I did.

Old people and condoms. That was how my day went. So that's how Wal-Mart needs to start aiming their marketing.

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Anonymous said...

maybe the old man wanted to do your mother