Thursday, November 25, 2004

Thanksgiving at Wal-Mart

I survived Thanksgiving at Wal-Mart. It wasn't too bad. As the day wore on, it got more and more nutty though. Don't these people have homes, families and turkey's to go to? Some lady came in and bought everything she needed for a turkey dinner, including the frozen turkey.

Now, if that bird wasn't thawed and in the oven by 4 a.m., it sure as hell wasn't going to be on any table in this hemisphere any time soon. And people were buying things that weren't even related in any way, shape or form to Thanksgiving. It was like a regular old shopping day. Some were doing early Christmas shopping. And the liquor. It was like a package store up in there.

I spend three hours on the self-checkouts and I was nearly run ragged clearing all the alcohol. I finally just started asking for ID because all these people started looking younger and younger. If they didn't have white hair and dentures, I wanted a license. I also busted a teenager for trying to buy a rated "R" DVD. Little fool.

And the cheap fools couldn't even get us quality stuff from the deli for a free lunch. They go the CHEAP turkey and some lousy bread. That was it. It wasn't even turkey, just some lunch meat. Calling it ham is a disgrace to the entire porcine race, past, present and future.

And when I was done at the world of Walls, I went home, slept for an hour, then rolled into the paper. Que fun, fun, fun.

At least it will all be over Sunday when I get on the plane and go home for two weeks. I'll blog all the magnificent fun from the backwoods of Louisiana!


Anonymous said...

You need to find another job that does not involve dealing with people and or animals of any kind

pato said...

You are a hero! Dont listen to that previous poster, he is a fool.