Thursday, November 04, 2004

Self checkouts

Did you know that you can get a fish, a live fish, through a self checkout. Yes you CAN! If you have a competent Wal-Mart associate (i.e. moi, assisting you, you can get just about anything that you can get through a regular register through one of the self checkouts.

That's all I've done for the past two days, the self checkouts. The utter geniuses that run the place finally figured out that my talents were wasted just running a register and put me where my talents could be of some use. I've become a wizard at those computerized evils. I've only had to call for assistance once, and that was to get someone with keys to unlock a printer jam. I even figured out how to get checks to go through on the self checkouts -- now that is a feat worthy of a Boo-Ya!

And my feet hurt. And my heart hurts that the evil empire won the election.

I hope middle America gets exactly what it deserves over the next four years. I hope every Bush/Cheney voter has a son or daughter drafted. I hope they lose the family farm or home to higher taxes. I hope ruinous medical bills destroy their savings. I hope plagues of locusts descend upon them and the angel of mercy passes them by. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Why give in to the fear-mongering of hate put out by the dogs of the GOP? Are you honestly better off than you were four years ago?

And the worst part? Where in the world is the Democratic party going to turn to to start to make gains? The only liberal bastions left in the entire country are the urban strongholds of major cities. The rest of the map is awash in red. This country's continued swing to the right and an avowed interest in "morals" is becoming more and more disturbing. Maybe it is time to pack up and head to Canada!

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pixieblue said...

Ok, I know this isn't an active blog anymore and you have a new project (very spiffy btw), but I have to ask how did you get checks to go through selfs short of suspending the transaction and signing onto the main register for them? I hate running all over with suspension slips!!! But I love reading about your adventures in Wally World!