Monday, November 08, 2004

More fashion disasters

One of the more interesting things about working at Wal-Mart is seeing some of the things people wear up in there. I've seen girls roll up in the store wearing pajama bottoms and feel not a lick of shame. Now, if you live nearby and just need some milk, that's fine; but it you take the time to get both children into the car, put your makeup on and find one of those special two-child buggies, for god's sake PUT SOME REAL PANTS ON!

Today's fashion choices were particularly beautiful. One rather pleasant Caucasian girl, who was most likely suffering from some economic distress, (that's a nice way of saying white trash) careened through the self-checkouts with a buggy full of stuff and two screaming children and a slatternly companion in tow.

Now, this cow already had two kids and was obviously pregnant with another one. That didn't stop her wearing a short (and it was SHORT) cut-0ff demin skirt, a black crop-top with the workd "DIVA" spelled out in little jewels on the front and her huge pregnant stomach poking through. The entire time she was checking out (she did quite well too, very few mistakes), she kept trying to pull the entirely-too-short top down over her tummy. Sweetie, darling, that is what maternity clothes are for! I love people watching!

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Perdita said...

Ha HA Ha Ha Ha HA Ha Ha Ha HA Ha Ha Ha HA Ha Ha Ha HA Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha HA Ha Ha Ha HA Ha Ha Hee hee HA Ha hee hee HA Ha hee hee.

I'm so glad I ran into this