Friday, October 29, 2004

Ring around the register

Word has gotten out. I know how to run a cash register. Well, I'm not stupid, so what did they expect. The only downside is that I tend to get shoved wherever they need someone "strong" to fill in the holes for a while on the front. No more peaceful afternoon back in Lawn & Garden. **sigh**

I had my first angry customer yesterday. There was yelling involved, more at my CSS (customer service supervisor) than at me. And I did get a compliment on Wednesday, so it all balanced out. And I learned that I hate working on the cigarette aisle. It is a 10-item or less lane, but customers try to come through with buggies full of stuff. NO NO and NO!

Other cashiers will let them through, but I politely shoo them away. There's a reason it says "SPEEDY CHECKOUT, 1o ITEMS OR LESS!" It is meant to get customers out of the store quickly. Especially on the tobacco aisle, which is the ONLY register in the store where customers can purchase tobacco.

OK. I'm due to clock in in just 40 minutes, and traffic is going to be awful this afternoon. Ciao!

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