Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Today on retail planet

Today on Planet Retail, I got to make "sidekicks," the merchandise that hangs on the little racks on the sides of the shelves at the ends of the aisles. Yippee. This consisted of walking around all day with a clipboard, a buggy full of hooks, signs and numbers, and looking important. It was like shopping except I was just moving stuff around. I had help and got to use one of those fancy hand-held computer-guns called TELXONs that are like gold in a Wal-Mart store.

I can feel my feet throbbing. When that was all over, I got invited out for karaoke by some of the other "girls" at the store but I absolutely HAD to come home and start packing. I still have loads of stuff to pack and boxes to start sorting if I'm ever going to get moved. I am starting to despair if this move is ever going to happen at all. Honestly though, most everyone at Wal-Mart is so much more friendly than I could ever have imagined. Just so down to earth. None of that white-collar stuck-up crap. Of course, when you're working for $7.50 an hour, there's not much to tilt your nose in the air about!

OK. I'm going back to the packing now. I just wanted to take a short break and fill everyone in on how my day on Planet Retail went!

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