Thursday, October 14, 2004

Paging cashier Marquan

I got my first page over the Wal-Mart intercom today. One of my co-workers had to page me to come work on a project together. The store is so big (220,000 square feet) that the intercom system is really the only way to communicate. The managers have walkie-talkies, but the lowly associates don't get those.

We spent all day walking around with a buggy full of signs, hardware and other assorted stuff making more of the "sidekick" things. And more of them. And still more of them. And we'll be doing still more of them tomorrow. And probably Monday as well.

Customers got into the store today. They said they "snuck in" with a crowd of people in the blue Wal-Mart vests and just started shopping. I guess they didn't quite notice that there weren't many other customers or that there were 200 people running around like mad with ladders, pallets of freight and buggies of stuff. And someone said that there was a piece on the local TV news that said the store had opened today.

The people at the front said that they were turning potential customers away all day. Just last week someone apparently got in, got a whole buggy full of stuff and actually got to the front and was looking for a cashier to check them out before anyone noticed they weren't supposed to be there!

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Geoff said...

Errr.. that isn't your real name, is it? I'd hate for you to lose your job over someone finding it.