Sunday, October 10, 2004

Que pasa mis amis?

How do like that mixing of languagues? I just feel so multicultural! I worked hard all week at avoiding work, so I feel entitled to mix a few dialects around. I just feel so owed because of the eight deadly hours I put in last Saturday stocking groceries at Wal-Mart. The word is out at that store -- avoid the grocery section and HBA (Health and Beauty Aids) like the plague.

Grocery is just difficult because of the cans and bottles and nine thousand products. HBA is so awful because the man that runs it is an absolute tyrant with a Napoleon complex, complete with diminutive stature. I saw him chew a girl out for standing around talking and there was this wild rumor that swept the store last Wednesday that he made one other girl cry because he screamed at her for "not working hard enough" and was made to go apologize. Me, I try to get to Toys or Sporting Goods as fast as I can each morning if I can't back to the computer training room.

I went by my new apartment this afternoon. It is just so wonderful. Even empty, it just feels like "home" in a way that my previous four apartments (here and in college) never did. Know what I mean? There's just that special feeling of "belonging," somehow like "I could live here, I could be happy here and spend time here." I hope I don't have to leave any time soon.

I've just about got the packing done. I'm trying to pack as well as I can in order to shorten the moving time. The less time the movers take, the less time I have to pay for. I want them to come in and wheel it right out and then take it right up the stairs. If it wasn't for the stairs, I could probably do it myself, but I am NOT doing loads and loads and loads of boxes and heavy things in my heels. I might break a nail!

Speaking of heels and nails, the queens that are coming out of the woodwork at Wal-Mart. One has even been sort of flirting with me. I can't quite pin it down as a flirt or as a friendly. I'll get back to you all on that one. I worked with two other one stocking bed sheets last Wednesday day and all we could talk about was how awful it was that you could get sheets for $6. Now, if you can buy sheets that cheap, do you honestly think you want to sleep on them?

And one of those queens, who I'd known all of two hours, asked me where I found the barbell earring I wear in my ear because, in her words now, "I need to replace my Prince Albert." Now, I'm all for sharing, but that's not exactly the type of information you drop over a package of forest green bed linens. Well, maybe if they're on the bed!

And the the wild rumors that manage to get started at this store. Somehow, the fact that some deli merchandise got put into the wrong freezer and they lost about $3,000 total of salami and cheese got turned into the fact that the deli manager lost an entire $100,000 pallet of merchandise somewhere in the store and the entire deli staff was going to be fired. Uh-huh.

And I almost fell off a six-foot ladder trying to stack toys on a shelf Friday afternoon. We did two aisles one way and then one of the people in cheap suits came through and said "do it another way," so there was nothing to do but turn right around and start over from the beginning. Don't we all just love retail.

This week shouldn't be so bad. All the really hard, nasty, grubby work should be done by now, unless I am in for the nastiest shock of my life come Monday afternoon, so I should be able to blog a bit more this week. I'm also getting a bit better at managing my time. Peace out.

PS: Hands up if you think Bush wore an earpiece and he's still and idiot!

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