Thursday, October 07, 2004

Taking a moment

I know that my dozens of regular readers have been horrified that my normally productive posting schedule has been interrupted by my being hijacked to work in Wal-Mart's wage slave factory. I do apologize and promise to try a bit harder to manage my time better in order to bring you more tales from the sales floor!

I actually had today off from Wal-Mart, as a result of the completely horrible last Saturday spent in the grocery section stocking spaghetti sauce and pasta. It was lovely, although I still woke up at 7 a.m. thinking I had to go and prepare my lunch. I slept until 9 a.m., packed for a while in preparation for my impending move and then got an outrageously high quote for movers that I'm going to be forced to take because I HAVE to move on a Saturday. I also found time for a side trip to U-Haul for more boxes.

The universe has a huge sense of humor, because I spend all day at Wal-Mart taking things out of boxes and all night and weekend at home putting things back in boxes. I can't wait until I'm just perched behind a register just doing the "scan and bag" routine.

And did I share that I won the "Team Player of the Quarter" award at work? I got a gift certificate to the local mall and meal for two ($60) at a local restaurant. I'm the first person to ever win the team player award three times. Go me! I chose to have the meal for two option at at a local upscale grocery store, so I get a $60 shopping spree. The previous two times, I never used the full value of the gift certificate, so I thought this was better!

And in another sign of the impending apocalypse, there is already theft at the not-even-opened Wal-Mart SuperCenter where I'm going to be working. CDs and DVDs at from the electronics area have already "grown legs" so to speak and have "left the building." All the associates were brought in, sat down and made to listen to a 90-minute presentation from the district loss prevention people yesterday even though we're allegedly more than a day behind on stocking and preparations. Sheesh, people -- at least wait until the store is open and you can maybe lay the blame off on the customers -- they know EXACTLY who is in the building now.

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Anonymous said...

I dont mean to be critical or question you, I love reading these blogs on wal mart, but, you won 'team player of the quarter' 3 times? I was under the impression you just started working there in August, about 2 months??