Monday, October 29, 2007

In the style of: What's going on

We're continuing to shake things up this week. I'm going to write one post five times - each time in the style of a famous writer or a famous style of writing. And no, one of them will not be LOLcat. We're kicking things off with Jane Austen.

I've also added a video comment area over on the right sidebar. Those of you with webcams can leave me a video comment.

I've also decided to start accepting submissions for guest posts. You can EMAIL ME or or click the "send me an email" link over on the right to send your literary genius my way. Wal-Mart workers much preferred. Further details available upon submission. Please be aware that no guest posts will go live until at least next week.


Anonymous said...

LOLcat! LOLcat! LOLcat!

staticwarp said...

for your poll you should have an additional option that states: "jane austen? who the fuck?"

cuz i dont know. i suppose i need to do some googlin. video comments too? you have the coolest widgets, btc. you rock.

Anonymous said...

This SUCKS! I'll be back next week when things have hopefully gotten back to normal.

Anonymous said...

That was super cleaver, but did it have to be so long. I wish I could get the last five minutes of my life back.

Anonymous said...

Clever, I am sorry. My minds was in another place. A scary place.