Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Yes. I have returned ammuntion.

So two days ago the blogosphere was in a tizzy-hizzy over the story about the guy in San Diego who "returned" his ammunition by firing it into the parking lot of a San Diego Wal-Mart. Read the story and watch the video here.

The good and wonderful kind folks over at thewritingonthewal wondered what I would have done?

1. First, I would have politely refused him.
2. He would have argued with me.
3. I would have politely refused him again.
4. He would have gotten louder. Probably broken out with the profanity.
5. I would have held up the finger of death and gone "Sir. I cannot return ammunition."
6. He would have demanded to see a manager.
7. The manager would have told him the same thing I told him.
8. He would have gotten even louder.
9. The manager would have rolled over and showed the soft white underbelly House of Wal managers are famous for - because, you know, I HAVE RETURNED BULLETS BEFORE.

Yes, there are very, very few things that the registers actually REFUSE to allow us to return.

Bullets and ammunition are not one of those. It is store POLICY to not return ammunition. That doesn't mean it can't be returned.

If you can scan it and it comes up with a minus sign on the register at the Customer Service desk, you can get a refund on it. I mean, you might have to shout the house down and throw a total wedding hall fit, but if you are determined, you will get some scratch.

I had a manager DIRECTLY order me to return a woman's bullets that she purchased six days ago and then return because she "bought the wrong ones" one time. How she managed to NOT ACTUALLY NOTICE this when the sales associate in Sporting Goods unlocked the cabinet, put the four boxes of shotgun shells on the counter and then ring them up for a total of $48 dollars is beyond me.

To my knowledge, only a vanishingly small number of things in the store are actually not returnable by federal law:
1. Prescription drugs
2. Blood testing kits
3. Diabetic testing supplies, such as needles
4. I've never run across anything else.

Breast pumps actually say on the package DO NOT RETURN AT RETAIL - but the packages still scan back into the system. So bring your nasty used breast pump right on back into the House of Wal. We'll take it back.


Library Rat said...

Ammunition is the one thing I actually go to Walmart for. The one locally carries a certain model of Remington 12ga shotgun shells that I get the best results from.

The regular sporting goods store near here carries Remington shells, but their different, and I generally score 2-3 points lower per game of trap when shooting them.

It's weird, but true. I guess if I get into competetive shotgun shooting, then I'll have to have WM sponsor me...are at least get me a deal on the ammo.

DolfanDad said...

haha classic!

hwk said...

why bother enforcing the "policies" anymore?

no manager, from the co on up, will.

when the company actually makes follow the rules, then i will do so again.


yes. i have returned needles and test strips before. but just throw them directly into the trash can, because our claims doesn't want them.

Anonymous said...

This is funny, I am taking back a breast pump tomorrow. It doesn't work & I don't have the time to send it who knows where, I need a pump now:)

In case you are wondering, I bought it to replace an identical one that finally bit the biscuit so I do know how it is supposed to work.

PS. you are a pretty good writer, thanks for the entertainment.

Anonymous said...

Try putting .45 Colt in a .45 ACP and see what happens ;)

I'll give Wal-Mart one thing, they've got real cheap 9mm target ammo.

Anonymous said...

Library Rat-- Please find the book in the library that explains the difference between and how to properly use, "their", "they're" and "there".

Library Rat said...

3rd Anon-

Please review comma usage. While you're at it, please review placement of punctuation when dealing with quotation marks.

It looks bad when you complain about a single mistake, while having three in your own post.

Debo Blue said...

Dang! I didn't know your customers got that crazy!

If I had your job I'd have two bullet-proof vests, a guard dog & and Joan Rivers to protect me!

Anonymous said...

I've had customers take back breast pumps before. Blech.

Anonymous said...

Duarte walmart let me return 30-30 ammo and. 223, store employee wouldn't let me see what she rang up . Left the store got home wasn't 30-06 . Went back and they just returned it put it back on the shelf