Thursday, September 06, 2007

Here kitty kitty

I just don't even know what to say to this one.

A very polite woman pushed a buggy with a gigantic sack full of kitty litter up to Customer Service and said that she would like to return it.

The sack was torn open across the top so I asked her if anything was wrong with it - was the bag wet or did it smell worse than it ought to or something.

Her answer? "I bought the wrong thing." OK. That's cool. Your little furry feline fiend doesn't like the Wal-Mart version of FreshStep. That's fine.

But she continues. "I thought this was cat food."

Head snaps up. Quizzical look. Looks at sack. Decides not to ask "Did the gigantic three inch letters "CAT LITTER" not tip you off that this was - in fact - for cats to use to take a dump?" Or the picture of a cat taking a poo in a pan? Or the fact that it was $5.97?

Given what we know about Wal-Mart's issues with pet food - she might have saved that cat's life though!

Turns out she was from Bolivia. What are they using for kitty litter in Bolivia? More importantly, what are they feeding cats in Bolivia?

Buttons. Return. DEFECTIVE. Please sign here.

Please leave before you buy some diapers and think it is like baby crackers or something.


kdl said...

The moon must've been in stupid.

LooseCannon said...

I don't even know what to think. And she was FOR REAL?

FARfetched said...

I could see that happening. Have none of you ever been in a rush & grabbed the wrong thing off the shelf?

Clark said...

I've grabbed the wrong things off the shelf but it's usually picking a scented deoderant instead of non-scented or the wrong size package of underwear.
The woman in the story, that's just....there aren't words.

Anonymous said...

She's seems right up there with the people at the wal-mart in my town that don't understand the concept of 15 items or less....including the stupid bitch who expected to get 25% off Marborlos without a competitors advertisment and then got pissy about it. How do you keep from just losing your mind???

Anonymous said...

Haha, yes, funny/stupid mistake but... "Turns out she was from Bolivia." Which begs the question, have you ever lived/stayed in a country where the lingua franca is not your native language?

I live in Japan, and while I speak/read/write Japanese tolerably well (more than adequate for daily living situations), I've been guilty of mistakes *almost* that ridiculous. If you're in the right general area of the store and quickly scanning labels/pictures and don't know all the words anyway, it's pretty easy to grab the exact wrong thing.

I'm just surprised she had the nerve to take the kitty litter back... and to actually admit she thought it was cat food. xD

Missy said...

That last bit of advice you gave was crucial!

DolfanDad said...

Okay I've been in different countries and been confused about products before but not with a GIANT CAT POOPING IN A PAN. I would think that is a universal language.

grundes said...

Pictures can be misleading -- e.g. see the jars of baby food, which are unscrupulously devoid of mashed babies ;)

Maybe she thought the pooping cat was meant to demonstrate how great the food was and that it wouldn't get your cat constipated.

Kendal said...

grundes, I'd be more worried that it meant it'd give my cat the runs

Library Rat said...

Grundes basically made my comment. I was going to bring up all the hubbub that came about when the Red Cross started sending Gerber baby food to Africa. They couldn't read the labels, and so were horrified to think that we were sending them puree d'baby.

Anonymous said...

Could you guys talk about an older, even more fake urban legend please?

Who hasn't heard of this site by now?