Thursday, August 23, 2007

My IQ is lower than my air pressure

More bike drama.

One woman wanted to return a bicycle because she's had it a week and the tire went flat. Ummmm. OK. Flat tires really don't fall under the realm of "defective," but whatever.

I told her "Ma'am, you probably just need a new tire." Which in retrospect was exactly the wrong thing to say. Why? Because I was giving her a "NO," which she obviously never heard in her day-to-day existence AND essentially calling her stupid at the same time.

She got extremely angry with me and informed me that "No. The tires aren't supposed to go flat that fast. They're supposed to last longer."

Lady. Look. You can ride it on Day One and roll over a nail. No bike tire in the world outside of NASA or the government is likely to survive that. Shut up and deal.

For reals ... if you use something it is going to break down EVENTUALLY. Friends of my parents wrecked a brand new $27,000 Chevy truck on the way home from dealership. Life happens. So do flat tires. Buy a $7 tire and deal.

Honestly. Returning a bike because it has a flat tire is akin to taking your car back to the dealership because it has a flat. How many people do that? All the Wal-Mart customers can put their hands down now ....

PS: This is what I get for writing at 2 a.m.
Yes, they returned it. Despite our "we don't return bicycles" policy. If you whined long enough and loud enough, you'd be able to return a baby, a dead grandma and a five-gallon can full of trash for a full refund!


Anonymous said...

On "feeding cyanide laced bananas...", you shouldn't.

After all, you need to make the parents who'd breed such howling beasts suffer for their bad parenting

Wry Exchange said...

My camera batteries didn't last long enough, my flowers died, the pool toys broke, and the Febreze bottle is empty-I only sprayed my couch once! I'll be right over for a refund.

Anonymous said...

So what was the end result? Did she buy the new tire or did some idiot supervisor just refund the whole bike anyway?

Post your reply here... we wanna know! :-)

kdl said...

::what you effected::
yesterday, while cashing out at Tar-jay, a supv. came over & asked the cashier about a pair of sunglasses forgotten by a customer (you know...). Cashier knew nada, as her shift just began. She bagged my stuff & I left.
Once home, unpacking the bags, I found a hideous pair of sunglasses that I didn't buy! I even checked my receipt. Recalling the conversation at the register, I took the sunglasses back and gave them to the very same supv. that was looking for them!
I just hope the customer gets the same amount of satisfaction I did. I have to say, I may have just tossed the glasses IF I HADN'T BEEN READING YOUR BLOG.
Just sayin'.

Missy said...

My 1967 Raliegh cruiser has a flat tire- can I return it to WalMart?

Oh, now I know how to lay Gramps to rest properly. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Does Walmart have a written rule (that customers can see) that prohibit bike returns? Because if I had just bought a bike and the thing had "naturally" ran out of air- I would either return the bike as obvious junk, or request a new free tire. Granted buying it from Walmart, I should assume it is junk and therefore maybe a week till a flat is normal, but everywhere else it isn't.

Mark said...

Okay, I'm no expert on why people do what they do, but maybe this is the only remaining valid reason to go to Wally World. If you're dissatisfied for any reason, they will capitulate to your demands, no matter how divorced from reality they may be.

Aren't people aware that a store is not legally required to accept returns for any reason? They are, of course, required to state their return policy, or lack of one.

I once heard a former W-M manager say that it was by far the most chaotic disorganized place he'd ever worked, and nothing I've read on this site indicates otherwise.

luckycanucky said...

When I worked in Electronics, we had signs up about not returning opened games (for obvious reasons) but still had to deal with many people who insisted games "didn't work" and when asked what kind of computer they had, had no idea of its speed or capacity. One woman was incredibly insulted when I flat out told her she should have checked what her computer could handle before buying the game in the first place, since it says right on the box what the game needs. And then management got involved because she was pissed at me for telling her the obvious, and she got to return it.


Anonymous said...

It's always the matter of "customer satisfaction" that always comes back at the end of the day to bite us in the ass. To answer questions about the bike returns, YES, there are BIG SIGNS in the Wal-Marts that I've been to that say that bike sales are FINAL and can be repaired for FREE up to ONE YEAR from the date of purchase. But it still doesn't stop a manager who lacks a backbone (read: ALL of them), from returning the bike of any customer who decides to come in the door with entitlement issues.

Emy said...

People make me so mad. It's not enough to just be stupid anymore, they have to be willfully stupid. The adult response to a flat bike tire shouldn't be to return the bike, it should be to change the flippin' tire. It's not something a 5-year-old could probably do, but it's not rocket science either.

Anonymous said...

thanx 4 the update to let us know that the bitch returned the bike.

luv u

Anonymous said...

When I was leaving yesterday, I saw two people pushing bikes into the store - I wonder how far they got with them. I shuddered slightly as I walked past them talking about exchanging them.