Friday, August 17, 2007

Five Finger Fridays: V.3.0

More of the same. I'm thinking of "Filching Fridays" as a name for the continuing series. I would like to keep the post on either Friday or Saturday and be alliterative in the title. Your opinions welcome.

-- A Cascio watch
-- a bottle of Advil (howler monkeys perhaps?)
-- a Marc Anthony CD
-- Two pairs of Faded Glory socks
-- Three pairs of the socks with the gold stitching in the toe
-- two bags of plaintain chips (eaten in store)
-- two of the new 12 oz. Red Bull cans (both consumed in store)
-- a Wrangler men's shirt
-- a tube of Orajel pain reliever
-- a pack of SalonPerfect lashes
-- some ponytail bands
-- a pair of the special polarized glasses sold in sporting goods
-- a bag of beef jerky (80% eaten in store)
-- two food slicers (from housewares)
-- two food choppers
-- two handheld food processors
-- one meat tenderizer mallet (if you need kitchen stuff, go to a thrift store)
-- a "Vatos" DVD
-- a package of Sharpies
-- a container of Hartz dog worming medication
-- two bottles of Zephyrhills water (consumed in store)
-- two Disturbia DVDs
-- an entire set of "Storytime with Dora & Blue" books
-- a bag of chicken tenders worth $4.76 (eaten in the store)
-- an Alacranes Musical CD
-- a "Spiderman" DVD
-- two 16 oz. bottles of Coke
-- one package of Icebreakers gum
-- one package of Trident
-- a CD/DVD to play the computer game "Diablo"
-- a package of SuperGlue
-- a package of Dove chocolate almonds
(70% eaten in store)
-- a ham and cheese Lunchable
-- a fifteen-inch serrated saw blade (Maintenance woman found the package in the bathroom. Why? Just please tell me why?)


High-Maintenance & Hostile Heidi said...

For the love of God, Montressor!

Why, oh, why do these people do this? And if they're going to do it, why do they leave the packaging behind?

This happened at the salon all the time, too. Ever find an empty package of false eyelashes, BBC? It's quite startling.

High-Maintenance & Hostile Heidi said...

Scratch that last remark. It's late and I'm blind or just plain stupid ...

a pack of SalonPerfect lashes

Grumpy Housewife said...

Okay, the Diablo PC game CD just pissed me off.

The rest of it is, well, what you expect to see. But having had to come back to Wal Mart because the box for the Diablo II Expansion that I had purchased did not, in fact, have the CD in it? That REALLY annoys the hell out of me.

Rat bastards!

Jeny said...

oh come on! who doesnt need a fifteen-inch serrated saw blade bad enough to steal it? haha and thanks for posting the imdb link for that movie. it looks like a must see! ;)

Anonymous said...

Five Finger Fridays? a la the five-finger discount...

GrecoRoman said...

Personally, I like the title "What Got Stolen This Week." Clear and to the point.

Library Rat said...

Hey, those gold-toed socks are comfy.

Anonymous said...

Okay, whoever ate the chicken tenders in the store: where did you heat them up, or did you eat them like frozen popsicles? Keeey-rist.

Meline said...

As nighttime maintenance I've swept up more popcorn chicken, and the containers than I can count. I've found more EPT boxes in the bathrooms, condoms, and cd boxes.

Lets not forget the people who think our produce section is a free all you can eat buffet.

formerMCLOVINITemployee said...

I'm still new at reading your blog.
Are these "stolen" things EMPTY packages that you have found? I'm just confused. Does an empty package REALLY mean stolen merchandise? How do you know it was customers? Sounds to me more like fellow employees...especially the frozen nuggets...don't you have a microwave in the break room?

Dagny said...

"a Marc Anthony CD"

Honestly, have you ever heard that undead guy sing? This may be a case of the thief doing you a favor...

(love BTC, thank you from all the rest of the retail world!)

Missy said...

I do not blame them for the Dove chocolate covered almonds.

The Dora/Blue book collection must have been an interesting to try to sneak out with. I hope someone tells them about public libraries soon.

David said...

I just had a burst of inspiration. You asked in a poll how to support Behind The Counter a few weeks back. Instead of linking to IMDB and such for games, movies and CD's why don't you get an Amazon affiliation and link there so folks can buy them when they read about them here.

Anonymous said...

Is that supposed to be a "Casio" watch, or is Cascio some Chinese bootleg version that Wal-mart carries?

Anonymous said...

"a fifteen-inch serrated saw blade (Maintenance woman found the package in the bathroom. Why? Just please tell me why?)"

DIY Project on a shoesting?

Britt and Sean said...

Ever read the comic strip "Retail"? Check out hte strip for today: I think you'll appreciate more than most!

Wry Exchange said...

Am I the only sicko who thought 'do it yourself abortion' for the saw blade in the restroom? I'll go stand in the corner now.

Anonymous said...

I believe those would be chicken tenders from the deli--not frozen section...

Debo Blue said...

Wry Exchange! Oh no!

As someone who noshes throughout the store, I will head up to the checkout w/my empties. I don't steal.

I will however sample grapes and berries. Just to make sure they're sweet. Ahem.

If I had your job I'd make a list of the things that are most stolen, the sell them outta my trunk in the Walmart parking lot:-)

Jason said...

So, I suppose should I ever be in the position where I am starving to death and too poor to buy food, I'll just go to Wal-mart and eat it in the store.

Wow. How can you eat a whole pack of chicken tenders and not be noticed?

And formermcloviniteemployee, usually when open, empty packages are found, it is assumed that the product inside was stolen. Sometimes you might find it squirrelled away somewhere else, but 95% of the time, it's gone.

Cyndi said...

Wal-Hell trusts their employees about as far as they can throw them, so it's just not worth it to steal such low-value items. Every once in awhile, expensive things walk out the back, but those associates don't tend to last very long. That $25 grace does NOT apply to the staff. :P

Anyway, most of the associates I've come in contact with are dependent on their paychecks and other jobs are just not plentiful. It's not worth the risk for "cheap plastic crap from China." (My own experience only, of course.)

My father works Maintenance there and find empty packages for much the same (esp. pregnancy tests and makeup) in the restrooms EVERY night.

Anonymous said...

Actually, debo, you are stealing, you're consuming merchandise before paying for it. However, I've never seen or heard of a store going after shoppers for doing it, but I did lose a coworker because he did it (I work for a vendor company).

I personally just think it's in bad taste to eat something before paying for it. I don't think I've ever been that hungry, personally.

Eating dirty fruit, well, that's your choice, lol.

Ol' Lady said...

Dam! You don't have condoms listed this week...I guess there is going to be more from the shallow gene pool floating to the surface in the next 9 months :o

busyMama said...

oooh I am guilty of letting my son eat a banana in the grocery store when he was REALLY little ...he is nine now, he just couldn't handle bein around all that fresh produce and not take a bite! ha ha

Mack said...

-- a "Vatos" DVD
-- an Alacranes Musical CD

My heart is warmed knowing that pilferage knows no boundaries of ethnicity or national origin. Isn't that what makes America great?