Sunday, July 15, 2007

Unhappy feet

Wal-Mart customers seem to have such a sense of entitlement given that they pay pennies on the dollar for some of the most shoddily made and least durable merchandise in America.

I'm also highly offended when customers just lie right to my face when I ask "Have you used (the product in question)" and they say "No" when said product looks like it went through a wreck on the turnpike.

So this suburban soccer mom wants to return a pair of the fake Wal-Mart Crocs today. She's got some story about how they just don't fit her feet and they always slip off and she only wore them for one day.

OK, fine. She's got the receipt and I really don't care. I've found myself really not caring a lot lately. It is not my money. It is really not my problem. If Wal-Mart really cared, it would do the Target thing and require a receipt to return an item. That would cut down on a lot of the expensive "gifts" people seem to be getting.

Except when I turn the Suburban Soccer Mom's faux Crocs over, they are absolutely filthy. The sandals look like she cleaned out an elephant cage, walked down a freshly paved highway, took a stroll through a cow pasture and then mowed the lawn for good measure - all the while wearing the faux Crocs.

I look at the date on the receipt. Three weeks ago. "Wore them for one day?" Riiiiiiight.

I look right at her, hold up the filthy shoes and ask "You only wore these for one day? And you got them this dirty?"

"Well, I guess I did walk around outside a lot."

A curse of bunions upon your sole!


High-Maintenance & Hostile Heidi said...

"You only wore these for one day? And you got them this dirty?"

Omigod, that is hilarious. When I worked in the shoe department at a retail store, I used to see the same thing all the time. People wearing expensive shoes to their wedding just once and then returning them, or people wearing shoes for months and then returning them. We were on commission so it was really annoying to take back all the returns. Once I went on vacation for a week and when I got back I had so many returns, I actually owed the STORE money!

Jessica said...

A curse of bunions upon your sole!

Loved the play on words. That was cute. :-)

Anonymous said...

I work in the shoe dept. How about all the shoes we have to claims out right off the shelf because someone with filthy feet has tried them on?! Get a clue, people, wash your damn feet once in awhile. And don't get pissy with me when you bring your kids in for back to school shoes without any socks on. When they ask if I have any for 'try on' purposes I always say "No, but we sell them right across the aisle.."

Raymond said...

I think your life would be easier if you found a way to convey to terminally stupid people "you'll get your refund, I just need to know whether I can resell this or if I need to treat it as used / damagedd / caked in mud."

x____AComfortableLiar said...

Totally agree. If that money didnt come out of my bonus for quarterly profit then i wouldnt give a damn either but it makes me sad because here i am actually WORKING for money and people just return all this stuff "they oont need/like" I admit ive returned shoes i've worn before but only once and that was inside with socks and they were perfectly clean :] One guy came in one day with a pair of shoes all scratched up and he got them "as a gift" said he never wore them. mmhmm whatever. Exchange only. not even 5 minutes later "there was nothing i like" guess what? manager gets him his money back. gift card because he obviously didnt have a reciept. damn you people. and you bitch because proces are too high? maybe this is why??

contessa said...

What kind of gross pig can't even wipe the loose dirt off a pair of shoes they bring in to return to Wal Mart? Oh, wait, I think I just answered my own question...