Thursday, July 19, 2007

The deli is CLOSED

So part of Customer Service is dealing with hacked off customers. One of those rolled up Saturday night just after 9 p.m. Idiot white people. You're shopping at the Wal-Mart. What the hell do you expect? They don't care about you - they just want you to drop some cash and leave. It's like drugs - but with cheap Chinese crap.

Deli Man: in an angry tone "Can you tell me what time the Deli closes?"
Me: "I believe the deli closes at 9 p.m. every day sir."
Deli Man: working up a head of steam "Well WHAT TIME is it now?"
Me: checks screen "Uh, it is 9:02 p.m. sir."
Deli Man: really hacked off "Well why, when I went over there five minutes ago, the lights were off and they were cleaning?"
Me: "I'm sorry sir." I wasn't going to argue, because there was no winning with this guy.

The answer, although I didn't dare tell him: They schedule the last Deli person to leave at 9 p.m., so all the cleaning and washing up has to be done and that person has to clock out at 9. Not 9:15, not 9:05 - NINE. So they have to shut down before nine to get the cleaning done. Stupid, but true.

Deli Man: "They ought to close at nine and then clean. " Yeah, and then people like you would demand service even though the lights were dark.
Me: "I'm sorry sir."
Deli Man: "I wanted to buy something and they said everything was put away." Well, were they lying? If they are telling you the truth is it really an issue?
Me: "I'm sorry sir. Would you like to talk to someone?"
Deli Man: "This is just the worst excuse for a deli I've ever been to. There is always a problem when I come in. Always a wait and they never speak English." And yet YOU STILL COME BACK!
Me: "Would you like me to call someone?"
Deli Man: "Yeah. You do that. I'm going to tell them how I feel."

*Management to the Service Desk for customer assistance* Minutes tick by. Customers come and go. I try to avoid the man. His eyes follow me like a money-grubber looking for a nickel.

Deli Man: "This person you paged, where is she?"
Me: "I don't know sir. She is the only person on duty right now until the overnight management team gets in."
Deli Man: "I've got to go. I've got cold stuff."

Yeah. In spite of being "so upset," he still bought a buggy full of stuff. A hundred dollars easy. Vote with your wallet, not your words. Your yapper never hurt nobody.

Deli Man: "You're gonna tell her, right?"
Me: "Yes sir."
Deli Man: "Because I'm real pissed off. I got bad service." Technically, you didn't get any service.
Me: "I'm sorry about that sir."
Deli Man: "That manager should be here. That's another thing. They never listen to their customers. You tell her that too."
Me: "Of course sir."
Deli Man: "Yeah. Tell her your deli needs to get better or I might stop coming and spending money here."

Wal-Mart isn't going to change until you do. If you're really that upset, go somewhere else. I know I'm preaching to the choir, but this man would just not shut up and leave.

And yelling at me really isn't going to do much of anything except earn you a potential starring role on Behind the Counter.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, you are right! People need to STOP SHOPPING AT A STORE if you are getting bad service!!!! I don't care if they everything is a penny, if you don't like the service, then don't shop there! And don't bitch about it! People want cheap prices and excellent service. Yeah, maybe in a perfect world. You get what you pay for...that should be a sign on every walmart door.

Clark said...

I'll bet you he just wanted to get the pricing on something too.
Or he's hacked at his (insert word here) and taking it out on the first thing he sees. (asshole.)

Anonymous said...

Have you ever had anyone come to your blog and recognize themselves? Or have someone you work with find you?

Rob the Webkahunah said...

I'm kind of curious about that as well... has anyone ver recognized you from the blog or told you about it not knowing you were the author? (when I did go to wal-mart, I would totally mention it if I saw an associate having a rough time with a customer)

For what it's worth, I have totally taken the advice you give here to heart. after being fed up with wal-mart one too many times, I simply stopped shopping there.

Anonymous said...

OMG I love your blog!

Anonymous said...

I must say that when I was in Kona the WalMart there had excellent service, clean store and nice people. Maybe we should all move to Hawaii? Just a thought.....

Jessica said...

I have a friend who always says that he'd like to get a job at Wal-Mart as a greeter for one day - and only one day. Because he'd get fired not long after:

"Welcome to Wal-Mart. Would you like a 'Fuck America' button?"

And he would have them made, too. :-D

Debo Blue said...

My sister dragged me to Wallyworld last Sunday to fill a prescription for my dog.

While we were waiting we shopped and was I surprised to find only three or four open cashiers in the whole place!

I actually left the line w/the basket of stuff, went and picked up the RX and left.

PS-at most of the Walmarts here in Phoenix the announcements are done in both English and Spanish:-)

Anonymous said...

after 9 p.m. Idiot white people

Get real.

You all have been racist punked again.

Silence confirs consent.


Just Julie said...

Lighten up, he makes fun of everybody if they do something stupid.
BTW Google .. silence consent .. and see what you get. One thing you won't get is "Silence confirs consent." confirs?? That's not even a real word.

Anonymous said...

Dear BBCAmerican,
I *LOVE* your blog. I stopped shopping at Wal-Mart two years ago, and have not regretted it since !

To Jess ... If you're going to post a slam on someone's blog, at least learn how to spell. The correct verb is "to confer". I wonder if you're one of the "idiot white people" to which BBCAmerican referred. :-)