Sunday, May 20, 2007

Blend. Grind. Pulse. Chop. Return.

Spurred by the recent heat wave to wash over Florida, it seems that half the county is buying - and subsequently returning - these craptastic $30 blenders Wal-Mart is selling. I returned four on Saturday and another three on Sunday. All from Hamilton Beach. All with complaints that the motor burned out and that it gave off a "burning smell."

The returns cut across all racial, ethnic and socio-economic lines. Aged society matrons, white trash, middle class and this really upset Mexican man who was allegedly trying to make margaritas when the motor on the blender burned out. Dude, if you'd just called me I'd have been right over with a fifth of Jose Silver and a bag of ice. And a replacement blender.

I've been all over the Web looking for info on a recall on these things and can't find anything. It can't be a coincidence though - seven blenders in two days.

So here's today's public service message. If you recently purchased the $29.99 Hamilton Beach blender from Wal-Mart - dig up your receipt and TAKE IT BACK. In fact, if you bought any blender from Wal-Mart, take it back. Buy your housewares from a reputable firm.

Today's good karma sponsored by Starbucks, home of the triple venti raspberry white chocolate mocha!


DolfanDad said...

Hey BBC!! My wife turned me on to your blog and I have finally caught up from post #1!!! I love it! Keep up the good work! I reside somewhere else but came from South FL which is where I assume you are based on the quality of people. I hope to posting regularly! Thanks for the hilarious posts!

FARfetched said...

Blenders get a lot of abuse when you crush ice in them. "Does it hurt when you do that? Then don't do that." The ice dispenser on our fridge does the job & saves much wear&tear on the blender.

And yeah, buying appliances at Wal-Mart isn't what I would call A Good Idea.