Sunday, February 18, 2007

Say it ain't sew

I actually felt like a total grinch Sunday night. More so than my usual bitter and snarly "Customers Suck" mood, which I've been less and less able to hide.

This man comes in with a sewing machine, which is unusual in and of itself, because he doesn't exactly look the type to be doing a "Project Runway" audition any time soon.

Now, he's Cuban (the store I work at might as well be a suburb of Havana for all the Cuban staff and customers we have) -- but I'm down with everybody, at least when they're not trying to return a five-month-old televisions.

So I ask him if he has a receipt. No dice.

So now I have to look up the warranty for Singer sewing machines. Which is another issue. The district manager apparently dropped by some time over the past two weeks -- and said our store takes too much junk back. Umm, that's my fault how? Apparently, we've already returned nearly $600,000 to the Return Center AND lost $120,000 in shrink just since Jan. 1. Umm. Tell your managers not to take back every vacuum cleaner and used-up toaster oven that comes through the door with some crazy person crying crocodile tears. Anyway.

I look up the Singer sewing machine warranty and it says that ITEMS WITHOUT RECEIPT ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR RETURN. So, he's got a sewing machine.

I print the warranty and give it to him. I tell him that if it needs repair, he's got to call that number and they will tell him what to do.

And he goes, in broken English, "Is good. All parts in box. My girlfriend, she leave, go back to Cuba. No need sewing machine."

OH MY GOD! I was thinking - you're tugging my heartstrings. But I'm still not going to give you $159 and change for it. And he lugs it back in a cart and leaves. I only wish that I could have had some violins playing him out of the store.


MavenofMoxie said...

And he goes, in broken English, "Is good. All parts in box. My girlfriend, she leave, go back to Cuba. No need sewing machine."

When, exactly, did we become a, "buy it and use it until you don't need it any more, then return it for full price", society?

Good grief. I'm in serious doubt that Cuba has such a policy & this is news to him that America doesn't have a "use & return for refund" policy.

Anonymous said...

So in 49 Days, you guys have just been pillaged by these people. You average $12,300 a day in returns and $2500 a day in theft. I am surprised your store is not part of a focus group and that they allow returns period. That has to be eroding from the bottom line and the P&L.

Keep on keeping on, at least it isn't your money and your name isn't Wal Mart!

yellowdog granny said...

castro would have shot him

Debo Blue said...

I'm feeling Yellowdog more and more.

I have to keep reading just to see what Yellow's gonna comment:-)

Anonymous said...

I think you're a whiney bitch, with a greater than thou attitude. Give the guy back his money and shut the hell up.'re next. Time to put you out of you're misery. Wal-mart can afford to give money back for the shitty products they sell....