Sunday, January 21, 2007

Cool me down

Wal-Mart just rents stuff - especially clothes - people buy it, use it and then return it. Shoes, clothes, Christmas decorations - once I even had a garden gnome returned with the UPC sticker all grungy on the bottom from sitting on the ground for a month. When they've got the receipt, we can't do anything but give them dirty looks.

But I had a totally new one today.

Real hot surfer boy flip-flops up. Sun-bleached hair and an ice chest. You know where the story goes from here.

He puts it on the counter. It is still wet so I figure he must have used it all day at the beach and now he's returning it. I ask for the receipt and sure enough, there's a suitcase of Michelob plus stuff for a cookout. I'm kind of jealous. A cookout sounds fun, especially compared to a Sunday at the Wal-Mart!

I smile and give him the look. "So I guess you kept the beer then."

He grins. "Yeah." He knew I knew.

And really dude, you could have cleaned it up a bit more. The top was dirty and there was still some sand on it. At least he was cute!


Chunes said...

What's even more sad is when they grab crap off the shelf and return it for store credit. Yesterday, some guy came up to the service desk with ten packages of over-the-counter drugs! No stickers on 'em. When I told him he couldn't return them, he said "Damn. My mother bought these. Too bad they're just drugs 'n &%#@."

Wow, dude... you're a bright one. Enjoy your drugs courtesy of Wal-Mart.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry if I missed something, but what did he return?

Anonymous said...

The ice chest.

James said...

For the record, I read that as "Sun-bleached hair and a nice chest."

Anonymous said...

Me too, that i why I asked, "What did he return?"

Anonymous said...

At our store we call this renting for free. It is just like a boomerang,stuff goes out of the store and it comes right back.

Anonymous said...

You will really appreciate this one.A guy brings in a propane heater that looks like it has been run over by a truck and is obviously used.He says he wants to exchange it for another because it's brand new and the reason it is smashed,well he dropped a propane tank on it accidentally and it no longer works. We told him that WM did not exchange items damaged by the customer. His answer, "Why not it was an accident!" Riiight.

Anonymous said...

that's frickin' funny; 'We don't return merchandise damaged by the customer.' Genius. Really. I'm gonna put that in my quiver. It's gold. Really.


yellowdog granny said...

well, at least he was eye candy for the day..

dreaming78 said...

Seriously? I'm a little embarrassed when I have to return something for a legitimate reason. I can't imagine returning something obviously used and STILL DIRTY.