Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Picture this

This one comes courtesy the Portrait Studio. The Portrait Studio IS NOT OWNED BY WAL-MART. The company, called PCA International, only leases the spaces in SuperCenters to get increased foot traffic. Same as the hair salons, which are actually owned by Regis.

The portrait center girl and I share stories about our evil customers. This one takes the cake.

The portrait studios have been running a special package deal for $9.82 and you get a 10x13 and a bunch of other pictures. Plus the sitting is free.

She had a Haitian woman with four kids who had family portraits done. The girl did the sitting and the woman ordered the package. When she came in to pick them up, she got real angry and said "We're too dark. We want you to re-shoot."

But this really isn't about what color the pictures were.

The woman wanted to keep the "too dark" pictures anyway and not still pay for a new package. She wasn't really upset with the pictures. She just wanted something for nothing.

She thought she could complain, get the first set of pictures for free because she didn't like them, then get another sitting and another package of photos as compensation for her "being upset."

It doesn't work like that.

The girl told me the woman was hopping mad that she could have the "bad" pictures. Yes, you didn't like the first sitting. We'll give you another one. You didn't like the first package you ordered. That's fine. We won't charge you for it. But if you walk out the door with a product, you are going to end up forking over SOME MONEY FOR SAID PRODUCT!

Wal-Mart - home to the trash of humanity!


Winston said...

Can't blame her for trying. Maybe it was just a test. Adn the photo girl passed. Congrats to her! lol

peacemongermom said...

Dude, the amount of people who would pull that shit in the photo lab was out of this world. I spent about 9 months working in the Walmart photo lab, and let me tell ya, that was about 8.75 months too long. And the Kodak kiosk thing? A total magnet for the I want it for free just because I am me crowd. God I'm glad I don't work at WM anymore. Ugh.

Lindsay said...

What a pain!!!
I do NOT know how you & your photo friend handle all these crazies...
You must be super patient!