Monday, August 21, 2006

You were not in line

The average American will revert to a caveman in two seconds flat if anyone cut in front of them in line. At least, that's my theory. I have seen two middle-aged, well-dressed white women, each of them wearing probably $500 in clothes & jewelry, almost have a knock-down, drag-out, hair-pulling brawl over who was ahead of who in the line.

Read here for the evil Sam's bill woman.

So on a Sunday, which is always evil, this man is standing around, NOT IN THE LINE, which is about five or six people deep, even with two people working. I look over and go "Do you need help sir?"

He wants a pen to fill out a MoneyGram. I started the day with four pens, and I'm down to the one I'm actually using. People steal them. And he can't have that one. I tell him that people stole all my other pens. He leaves.

We try to keep the line moving. He shows back up, with the MoneyGram paper all filled out. I ignore him. I hate the "entitlement" attitude he is displaying. You were never in line. All these other people waited in line. They paid their dues. YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO TOO!

I do one, two, three more customers. Every time he edges closer, as if I don't see him. I do, I just won't look right at him. I once dated a passive-aggressive - I have that act down COLD! Too bad he never got the hint!

After the third person, he's practically in front of me, while another woman is struggling to get the buggy around him and between the people on the other side. Then, I look straight at him and go "You need to wait in line." I really should have put a "Sir" on the end of that, but I was tired and I was just sick of people cutting in line all day.

He looks right back at me and goes "NO."

I just looked at him. "All of these people have been waiting in line sir, I can't let you cut in front of them."

"Well, I was here before," he goes. And you weren't in line then, either, I thought to myself.

I just took the woman who was standing in front of me. He kept standing there. I was NOT going to take him. And the next three people in line were all giving him nasty looks.

Unfortunately, my co-worker folded and did his MoneyGram. The entire time, he kept looking right at me, like he was trying to curse me or something.

Whatever. I went and told a supervisor. I told them that if he calls to complain - pull the tape. It will show that he was never in line the first or the second time. That is a basic issue of fairness. I don't even know why I really care. I just hate people who feel "entitled" to anything.

I wish we had audio on our cameras, so management could hear how people treat us.


Anonymous said...

Morning Guy!! Yep you did right with the man. NOW!!! I want to know the "rest of the story" about the two well dressed <"ladies"> that got into it about line cutting. GRIN GRIN

FARfetched said...

Heh. Next time that happens, ask the people in line if you should let him cut in front of them. I betcha he cuts and runs.

matt said...

i like farfetched's idea. gonna have to try that sometime.

Ol' Lady said...

audio should be included in the stores. I like the idea of polling the customers in line to see if they vote to let someone go ahead of them or go to the back of the line...I'm sure it would be a hoot to watch the responses

Sam's girl said...

I'll have to try Farfetched's idea next time someone tries to cut. I work at Sam's club jewelry and people constantly try to cut in front of possibly several thousand dollar sales because they don't want to wait in (sometime very short) lines to buy more than $2 worth of bananas for 87 cents (we take a loss on every bag of bananas - good ones). When we ask people to wait they will cuss at us and sometimes throw the bananas at us - and magagement does nothing so don't waste your breath begging for sound on the videos