Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Why you gonna lie?

I love how people will lie, as if there are not ways that we can catch you.

This woman came up Sunday with an expensive printer. It was pretty much junk - and looked like it had pretty much been used until it gave out. It had the box and the cables had been tossed in there. She said she bought it two weeks ago and that it just stopped working. Of course, she didn't have the receipt.

I went back to the computer where we can look up the serial numbers. Most expensive electronic merchandise has serial numbers for this express purpose.

Yeah. When I punched in the serial number, it came up that that printer had been purchased on January 28. Our return policy on printers is something like 45 days. That printer was 212 days old. She burned it out and now she wanted the cash back on it.

I told her this. And I saw the husband pulling on her arm in one of those "Let's just get out of here" moves. I told her "If you can find the receipt where you bought this printer two weeks ago, we will take it back. Otherwise, you can call the manufacturer to have it fixed.

She didn't even argue. She knew she was busted. Score one for me.

1 comment:

David said...

You would at least hope they would try to sneak in the scam under the 44-day rador.