Friday, July 28, 2006

Stop! Thief

One on-the-ball door greeter busted a guy trying to steal two cases of beer, some shoes and some other stuff Sunday.

He'd brought in this nasty Power Wheels but didn't have the receipt. A manager told him that we weren't going to take it back. So he left it in the buggy, went back to grocery and started hiding stuff around it in the buggy.

The door greeter asked him if he had a receipt for the Power Wheels. He told her he tried to return it. So she asked if he had a receipt for the other stuff. He told her he must have forgot it when he was at the Service Desk.

So she rolled him back up and asked if he had bought that stuff. I told her no and paged for a manager.

And they asked him if he wanted to buy that stuff. INSTEAD OF ARRESTING AND CUFFING HIM THEY CHECKED HIM OUT!

I was flabbergasted. So I guess it's open season on Wal-Mart now.


Buster said...

It's because of Wally Worlds new policy as described here:
that you can now steal from walmart and get away with it.

Chunky said...

Maybe now I'll go back to "shopping" at Wal-Mart. ;) I can take a chance boosting something and if it doesn't work out, no biggie, right?

Emily said...

That is so pathetic. The closest W-M to me is right in front of a huge trailer park, and I had the unfortunate experience of returning something on a Sunday. It was literally something out of the simpsons with the hick family. There was like 4 or 5 kids and they were running around and their parents were trying to get away with returning 4 or 5 irons that were brand new, no receipt, etc. And the whole time I was their I was thinking about your blog and how I have no idea how you do your job without setting these stupid people on fire. You should be heavily rewarded.

Lindsay said...

YOU have GOT to be kidding me!!!
The wal mart here has a room up front that looks like a mini police station.... I dunno if it is real or just to scare the crap outa shop lifters? But hey.... wahtever works RIGHT?

Anonymous said...

Yep... The last store I worked at before I quit, had a Police Substation in it at the front of the store on the grocery side. But get this. It was only open and manned on Wednesday for 4 hours as posted on the door. It was mainly used by Loss-Prevention (LP) to watch customers & associates on cameras. LP is actually there, to catch associates. Associates steal more per year from H3ll-Mart then customers do. After almost 12 years with H3ll-Mart, I do not know how many associates I knew & worked with who were fired and arrested for stealing from the company. TSK TSK TSK Stupid is as Stupid does!!!!!

Ex- 12 year H3ll-Mart associate/manager now Electrical Engineer...