Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The idiot and the battery

No returns on batteries anymore. Only exchanges. So don't even come in with a "defective battery." You're either gonna buy a new one or walk right back out with that "defective battery." And all battery transactions have to be done in Tire & Lube Express unless it is closed.

After TLE is closed, this guy comes up with two batteries. One is old. I would find out just how old later. The other is obviously new. I tell him I can exchange them and ask for the reciept on the first battery. He doesn't have it. I tell him I need his ID. He has to go back outside. Fine.

When he gets back, I look over the first battery, because when you return a battery, it asks when you bought it. There's a sticker with a code on there. Turns out, he bought the first battery, which we still carry, because it rings up at $35 — in MAY 2002. The store wasn't even open then. I tell him that and he's like "So. I still want to return it. I bought it at Wal-Mart. This is Wal-Mart."

I was thinking "Is this guy an idiot?" But I didn't say that. I told him "Sir, we can't take back a battery that you've used for more than four years and give you $35 for it. The battery is obviously not defective, you've been using it. You can't return something you've used for four years."

I tell him he does get the core fee (some charge for battery disposal) on the new battery because he brought the old one in. He says that's OK. And then he goes "But I still get the old battery back right? I'm going to return it to the Wal-Mart I bought it at."

"Well, no sir. If I give you $7 back for the core fee, which is because we dispose of the battery for you, then you DON'T get the battery back." He says "Well, I want it back."

I've had enough now and go "Well, then no $7. Do you want the new battery or not?"

He goes "I can't afford it without the $7."

So I got the old battery, he got the new one and left. I've never had anyone try to return something from FOUR YEARS AGO! I was thinking later, the code could have been February 2005 depending on exactly what the code ment. Either way, the battery wasn't defective, and he had used it for AT LEAST A YEAR and he wasn't getting any money back.


Alissa said...

He didn't exactly ARGUE that it was 4 years ago, so I'm guessing you were right....

Anonymous said...

Don't you think that people would at least try to clean something if they have been using, i.e., the battery, the crazy lady and the vacuum cleaner. WOW People can be so STUPID!!!! Also damn trashy. I was in Wally World a bit ago and had to go from one side to the other and thought I would check the shoes as I was walking thru. Guess what I found in the racks of shoes????? Half eaten roasted chicken from the deli with a half empty soda bottle by it. BLEAH!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

When I was in management i got called to the service desk for a vacuum cleaner return. As soon as I looked at it , I told the woman she would need to take it to Sears since they were they only ones who sold Kenmores. She looked at me and
said, "It doesn't say Sears on it."
I took the cover off, found the data plate, and showed her where it said Sears. Have a nice day and next time buy a Hoover. LOL