Friday, June 30, 2006

Cell phones up at the counter

Waiterrant was talking about cell phones on Sunday. I'm personally of two opinions about cell phones at my counter, and it basically depends on how I'm feeling at the moment.

I can count on doing at least two or three returns every day for people who never get off the phone while taking back their merchandise. They usually hand the item(s) and a receipt in a Wal-Mart bag over the counter at me, make eye contact and continue yakking on the phone. I do the return, make a scribbling motion with my pen where they have to sign the return slip, either hand them the cash or the credit card reciept and they leave.

I know I should be offended, but if they're wrapped up in whatever drama is happening on the phone, they're hardly going to start hollering at me. So sometimes I'm grateful that I get an "easy" one.

Others, I feel just a little malicious. Especially the ones I just feel like are bad people. Not inconsiderate, but just have bad souls. I know, I'm so judgemental.

These are the ones who are yakking and then literally throw the stuff over the counter. They don't even look at me. I ask perfectly legitimate "questions" while they're trying to hold a conversation. Like "Is anything wrong with the item?" or "Would you like this back on your card or as store credit?".

My goal is to force them off the phone, like they should be in the first place. I mean, do they conduct their professional lives in this manner? Knowing the general quality of the people I deal with, probably! I had one woman holler at her friend on the phone "they're bothering me now. Let me deal with this." Uh, we're taking back your crap and I'm "bothering" you?

Of course, all of this is made worse by the fact that all Wal-Marts are huge metal buildings, and some cell phones go all wonky inside them.


FARfetched said...

Do they conduct their professional lives in this manner?

Yup. This one guy who was my boss for about five months was constantly being interrupted by calls or emails on his Blackberry (aka Crackberry). You couldn't have a discussion with him that wouldn't get interrupted at least once or twice.

It's kind of surprising, though, that you would get them at Wal-Mart — most smellphone addicts are too snooty for that.

Obob said...

I was in a parent teacher conference of a rather serious nature when the parent's cell phone went off. She took it. Kinda summed up her child.

Dave said...

It's insane how people don't want to rip themselves away from the people they complain about most. While cell phones are a good thing to have when you have an emergency why do people feel the need to always talk?

I hate using phones and my cell phone is no difference.

Anonymous said...

I hate it when you are trying to do bussiness with these people and they are on the cell. I went to a restrant the other day and saw on their check out a sign that read please do not talk on cell phone while we are waiting on you. You think we could have something like that at our check outs? Ah no cause we must e nice to these people. I say it's home training. No one teacher's respect for anyone any more.

Anonymous said...

I cashier at WM and seriouly wish they could install some sort of scrambler to force people off there phones, it is so rude!

I have also seen people workout at the gym and not miss a second yacking on the phone

austin said...

If they can't take the time to stop talking while they interact with the rest of civilization then their phone conversation and ultimately, their lives, are entwined so deeply in their work that others cannot matter to them. and sorry for commenting on an 'old' post.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god, how I've learned to hate cell phones. How hard is it to put down the phone for the ten or less minutes it will take to check out? I've gotten to the point where I try to wait as long as possible before walking up to the counter, trying to hint that if they're on the phone I am not going to help them. Of course, the shallow end of the gene pool does not understand and continue yakking away. At this point, the only thing left to do is ask AS MANY QUESTIONS AS POSSIBLE - as loudly as possible - with a huuuge smile on your face but a "**** YOU!" look in your eyes.

*sigh* Technology..