Thursday, May 11, 2006

Cool Whip for crazy cows

I hate people who bring in tied and knotted plastic bags. They usually conceal something nasty, smelly and yucky. The people who bring that kind of stuff in are worse!

This woman comes in with a bag. It has a carton of the Great Value whipped topping in it. She claims that it was spoiled when she bought it. No big thing. It may have been left out and put back in the freezer. She may have left it in her car. She has the right to return it.

But she doesn't have her receipt. First she want the money. Which is $1.88. Then she doesn't want to give over her drivers license. Then she claims she wants another one "because if I give my license I'll have problems."

So she knows that she has returned stuff so many times that she has reached her limit and cannot return stuff without receipts any more.

There is no such thing as "equal exchange." You RETURN a defective item and PURCHASE another item with that credit. Money EQUAL to the purchase price of what you are getting is EXCHANGED for the item. BUT THERE IS NO EQUAL EXCHANGE. You do not come in, give us something and walk out with something else without giving up a receipt or a form of identification!

So she got all huffy, demanded to see a manager, who told her the same thing, then got REALLY hacked off, wrote down everyone's names and left.

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