Saturday, April 09, 2005

Things that drive me crazy

1. Cashiers that stretch a 15-minute break into 45 minutes. Then 10 minutes later ask for a bathroom break. "NO." Get back on that register. I felt like telling her I didn't care if she made a puddle on the floor, she wasn't leaving that register until it was time for here lunch. I was praying for a manager to come by and for her to complain. Just let her try.

2. One of the Haitian girls called me "foo" today, which is apparently Creole for "crazy." I asked her to go to Register 5. "No." Can you go to Garden? "No." At this point I lost patience. I was like "Foo, foo, foo, foo, foo, foo, foo! Now look, the next place out my mouth, you're going, like it or not, I don't care. Take it, or clock out and go home!." She shut up and went to Register 5.

3. One of the lazy cows from the Service Desky was put on a register today. She'd been calling off with a "sunburn" because she said she "couldn't put clothes on." Um, OK, whatever. Either take precautions or work. A sunburn is NOT an excuse. So she lumbers up (she cannot move with any sense of urgency whatsoever) and we catch her and tell her she's going on a register. This does NOT go over well. So she goes.

About 20 minutes later, the light is blinking. "I'm not going to take this. I'm going to go home." Whatever. Do what you want. Obviously, this job, which you brag about how much you make, isn't that important to you. She tries to talk to a manager, but unlucky for her, we've gotten to them first. So she leaves, but tells me "I'm trying to fight back tears." Ow, de poor widdle baby. Godda bad sunburn and can't work and somebody called her on her bad attitude! Hey, sister - WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD!

4. Someone told me I had a "bitchy attitude" today. It was just a composite effect of do-nothings and no sleep. Four people will be standing around I'll be the only one working. One stupid heifer, a co-equal, ran around with a feather-duster all day calling it her "power stick." Dumb cow. Talking about how she didn't take her diet pills. Um, baby, you'd need a TRUCKLOAD of Dexatrim to go from Free Willy to Skinny Minnie!

I just wonder when the bills for my sins will come due ...


DJC said...

i think the job is changing you...

Anonymous said...

Thankyou for your interesting blog. Does Wal-Mart have training for managers, like a class with a workbook, or do you just learn it on the job?
I am thinking of applying when they build a SC here. I have a lot of inventory and stocking experience, but I guess that is all automated at Wal-Mart.
Thankyou, Miguel Mena April 9

bbcamerican said...

Miguel: Wal-Mart has computer-based training for each position, called CBLs, or Computer Based Learning. The inventory and stocking are two different things.

There are position in Receiving, where people take the merchandise off the trucks, and other in instock, where people actually put the merchandise on the shelves. If you have the chance, go for Receiving, because it pays more and is much less stressful and not so physical a job!