Sunday, April 10, 2005

Cuban food

One of my co-workers went out for lunch today and brought back the most delicious Cuban sandwich. Oh, it had spicy meet, Buffalo mozzarella and jalepeno peppers. It was so good.

Other than that, my day retail slave shack was fairly crap. The one girl that took the 45-minute break yesterday took a 25-minute first break and a half-hour second break today. Another cashier took a 90-minute lunch. If I had my way, I'd fire the lot of them.

And some heifer complained because "I don't wanna go on a register. Can't I go to the Service Desk." She stood around for ten minutes hoping we'd change our minds. Um, no you cow. MOVE.

And we scored a victory with management today. We got approval to take over scheduling for the Service Desk, because that staff has proven that they are not responsible enough to do their own lunches and breaks. We'd been fighting for that for a couple of weeks. Peace out!

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Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your posts so much. I work at Best Buy, so I see all of this crap as well! Some people just amaze me at how little they actually know about anything...

Like "Where are the checkouts?" Oh, do you see that 20 by 20 sign hanging from the ceiling that says checkouts? Haha