Thursday, April 14, 2005

On a tear today

Management was on a tear today. They were handing out cash office slips (cashiers get them for being more than $5 over/under on their drawer for the day) left and right. Some people had FIVE or more. Jeez. It is like they don't even care.

Two girls got coachings for taking a 35-minute break, including the one I was trying to have fired. :) I repeat. DO NOT MESS WITH ME!

  • OK. Here's another one from the annals of the service desk. Do not pick up a receipt from the parking lot, bring it in, get some hot wings from the deli and then try to return those hot wings for cash. WE KNOW THAT YOU DIDN'T BUY THEM BECAUSE THE AMOUNTS DON'T MATCH! This fool wanted like $5 back when the receipt was for $2 worth of hot wings. Um, NO.

  • I also had to lecture the cart-pushers. The two lazy ones try to go to the GM side, not the grocery side, and leave the one poor guy alone. So there are like 40 million carts at the entrance no one uses. Meanwhile, we're out of carts at the busy door and managers are yelling at us. Um, I'm not the one who hire lazy, stupid and incompetent cart-pushers. But really, would you want to sling carts around for $6 an hour in the sun? Still, it beats digging ditches.

  • And I'm learning more Spanish. You have to page the maintenance girls in Spanish AND English multiple times. The soda machine blew a fuse, a gasket and got a hernia all at once and sprayed water all over the service desk bay today. If it had frozen over, we could have staged the IceCapades. As it was, all we needed was Esther Williams and some trained seals for a whole water fun show!
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