Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The things people return

I'm actually coming down with the flu, but I thought I'd just make a list of the things people have returned at Wal-Mart lately. This is the Hall of Fame of returnees:

  • A carton of cigarettes
  • A used breast milk pump
  • Two used canoe paddles
  • $109 worth of frozen food
  • Entire cart load of beer and chips left over from a Super Bowl party.
  • 29 Nintendo DS systems and the add-on packs
  • A Harry Potter book that had obviously been read
  • Two pairs of worn kids tennis shoes
  • Beach chairs with sand on them. The receipt was two months old.
  • Two "defective" batteries with motor oil on them
  • A power washer with soap still in it
  • Gas grill with a propane tank still attached
  • Half a pumpkin pie. Claimed it was bad, but only after eating half.
  • 35 of those Atkins power-bars sans receipt
  • Two lightbulbs
  • One customer returned 11 different items on 7 receipts once. That's the record for multiple receipts, and I got stuck with that return.
  • 27 of those light-up candy-canes that had obviously been stuck in the ground and used all during the holidays, then bundled back up.
  • 15 boxes of Christmas ornaments
  • Five dead fish
  • A birthday cake, because the name was spelled wrong
  • A phone card
  • A greeting card, because "I forgot the person's birthday."
  • Mops, brooms and other cleaning supplies, as well as Clorox, fabric softener and detergent.
  • Potatoes.
  • Crunchy milk. My favorite is when the open it up to prove to us that it smells bad. No thanks.
  • Diabetes testing supplies.
  • Prescription medication, because we didn't charge the insurance correctly.
  • Pictures from the photo lab, because they were "blurry." Customers get to keep the pictures though, because they're "personal property." So moral of this story is claim the photos are blurry and you'll get the developing for free!
  • A five-year old rusted flashlight that wasn't sold at Wal-Mart that a manager ordered me to refund.
  • 75 Hot Wheels cars
  • A $700 diamond ring, because the diamond wasn't shiny enough.
  • Four throw pillows, because they "didn't go" with the couch.
  • and the list could keep going on ...


    Anonymous said...

    that was so enlightening.

    Anonymous said...

    number 3 was me!! :)