Monday, February 07, 2005

Sort of blank today

I had a long day today. I hadn't even clocked in and people were already screaming for help. I can't blame the cashiers. They are trapped at the registers and need change and help with customers. But with five other supervisors, someone else ought to be doing SOMETHING other than just standing there yapping. Stupid heifers -- and I'm not talking about the cashiers.

I did my taxes tonight. For the first time in five years, I'm actually going to owe the government money. My Wal-Mart job pushed me into a higher tax bracket and I apparently did not have enough taken out of my check, so I actually owe the IRS a check for $62 dollars. That's a load of crap as far as I'm concerned. I can't believe I actually owe money. I usually get around $450 back.

Is it a good thing or a bad thing to actually owe money? I read somewhere that it was a good thing to actually owe a little bit because that meant that you were using your money and the government wasn't getting to use it for free. Anyone out there with a degree in economics know the answer?

And tell me, if you're planning on writing a $350 check to Wal-Mart, wouldn't you make sure the address on your DL and your check match? Another customer screamed at me when a manager told me not to accept the check because we couldn't verify that the money was there. So they got all up in my face and snapped "We're going to pay with a debit card just to show you we DO have the money. Tell you manager that Wal-Mart just lost five customers. Also, I work at Walgreens and I know that those machines can tell if I've got money in my account."

**Sigh** What did I get myself into with this whole supervisor thing? At least all the overtime I manage to get now, even though there is a no overtime rule in effect, will be at $15 an hour. I am down on the schedule for 48 hours this week though, so I should get 8 hours of that a $15 an hour, so that will be nice.


Anonymous said...

holy crap, americans are scary


w said...

When the government owes you money, it basically means that YOU gave the government an interest free loan for the time from when it was withheld, to when you get your refund check.

You owing the government money means that you GOT an interest free loan from the government for that amount of time, and have had the benefit of getting interest, or at least having the money available for your own needs.

The only time that it is better the other way around, is if there in negative inflation, which doesn't really happen anymore. Deflation would mean that the 65$ in April dollars had more power to buy goods than 65$ in previous year dollars.