Friday, February 25, 2005

Fowl play

File this one under the "Things Not To Do While Employed At Wal-Mart" heading.

Don't get jobs (two members of the family) and then head over to the deli each day and pick up a fresh roasted chicken each day for lunch AND CONVENIENTLY NOT PAY FOR IT! Just sail into the McDonald's, chow down (using your own cup to keep getting free refills) and then head back to work, not even pretending to want to pay for this fowl. So someone finally cried "FOUL" on them. FIRED!

Today was another banner day, in addition the firing fun.

Some people are just genuine bast***s, there's no two ways about it. If you don't have a receipt, you've got to give us your drivers license, or else a social security card. If not, leave. OH BUT NO! I WANT A MANAGER. THIS PRODUCT IS DEFECTIVE. WHY WOULD I GIVE A STORE MY SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER? HOW DARE YOU ASK FOR THAT?

I get a manager up there, who tells this rather rude person - "Go get the shirt and quit screwing around!" When the customer comes back, they refuse to sign the refund slip and just put a big X there. Some people!

  • Who returns peaches? Nothing wrong with them, he just wanted to return them.
  • Don't try to fool us and substitute a two-disc CD for the single disc CD that you claim was defective. We have to open it up before you leave the store.
  • Please quit trying to buy comforter and sheet sets and keeping parts of it. We do check. If you want nice pillowcases or sheets, just buy some!
  • Don't buy new crackers and then return the ones that you've had sitting in the pantry for six months. We have to take it back, but we know exactly what you're doing. You most certainly did not "buy one too many" that day.
  • Wouldn't you notice if you bought a pair of sandals and one sandal was a size 9 and the other was a size 6? DUH!
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    Michael Tyas said...

    Dude, it's great to hear some funny stories from the Wal*Mart again. I worked midnights at Wal*Mart for 10 months, before I got a great job doing what I went to school for-editing videos.

    I haven't stepped foot back in that place since...