Sunday, September 26, 2004

Able to process

Finally, it is the weekend and I'm at last able to process what the Wal-Mart experience has wrought upon my previously tranquil and leisure-filled life.

Thought #1: I had it SO easy before. I did nothing I didn't want to do and didn't get up before 6 p.m. and didn't have to rush home from my real job in order to grab five hours of sleep in order to be functional at Wal-Mart at 8 a.m.

Thought #2: Punching a clock is totally bogus. So is the concept of "managing your hours."

Thought #3: For an entitity that comes closer than anyone else to actually ruling the planet retail-wise, you'd think they'd have a little bit more smarts in the organization department. These people are so disorganized as to make a third grade seem like the GOP smear tactics team on the scent of a nasty John Kerry rumor. I've yet to see anyone with a real sense of organization. Mostly people just run around with walkie-talkies, legal pads and sheafs of paper.

Thought #4: Modulars are the new black!

Thought #5: The people who work at Wal-Mart obviously don't even bother to shop at Wal-Mart. If so, the fashion choices wouldn't be quite so egregious. I'm not preaching Wal-Mart as a fashion trend-setter, but the stuff I've seen over the past five days would make trannie hookers blush with shame. And so help me god - there's one girl with a poodle perm with dark roots and blonde ends. She prisses like she thinks she's the height of fashion. Erm, no.

Thought #6: My feet hurt.

Thought #7: My feet still hurt.

Thought #8: I've made some new friends, and as I was leaving Saturday a cute boy passed me in the parking lot, smiled at me and said "have a nice weekend." Aww. He's really hot too. I've spotted a couple other 'mos, but they seem pretty tragic. The lesbian factor is in full effect though. I've spotted at least four budding Cynthia Nixon types (I know, what a shocker!)

Thought #9: Bringing a lunch makes me feel so third grade. I also feel like I'm eating all the time because I try to have a snack each break just to keep my strength up.

Thought #10: Italian girls, one of the aforementioned new friends, are cool. This one is from New York and will just riff for days on pizza and life on Long Island. Total fun. Too bad she's working in deli and I only see her on breaks.

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