Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving: What am I thankful for?

From the archives: What holiday is complete without a returned turkey?

I have been amazed and overwhelmed by the outpouring of wonderful comments, emails, text messages and the general torrent of support I've received from my readers.

Thank you just doesn't seem adequate, but it really is the only thing I can say. Oh, yeah. Please help control the howler monkey population in L.A. Have your howler spayed and neutered. Also, keep your hands and arms inside the Mart Cart at all times!

Your questions:

1. The "Behind the Counter" archive will remain online.

2. My new project is called "21 Minutes" - and it is available at I guess some of ya'll had tears in your eyes by the time you got down to that paragraph.

3. The behindthecounter1(at) email will remain active.

4. Wal-Mart still does not accept starter checks.

5. White trash still don't quit!

6. Comcast is still a terrible, terrible company.

7. I'm still just amazed that you liked it.

Much love. And Happy Thanksgiving.

PS: Be nice to your cashiers on Black Friday!


Cindy said...

Every time I am at a store, I think about this blog. I think about whether or not I will ever end up in someone's blog as the BAD customer. I try very hard to avoid that.
Thank you for keeping me entertained. Best of luck in all you do.

Anonymous said...

We're not supposed to take starter checks? oops. =]

Anonymous said...

I love you! Will you marry me? I will so miss reading your wonderfully delicious posts.

(I'm kidding about the proposel, but not about loving you lol)

Anonymous said...

Marry me!

catdancer said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! That one always leaves me with tears running down my cheeks!

Anonymous said...

Well, here it is "black Friday", and I survived an eight hour shift at Target. We opened at 6 am and I was a cashier. The first 2 hours were absolutely crazy! It took about 10 minutes for people to flood through the door. "No running!" says the manager as people pile in. She was speaking to adults. There was a fight in electronics over who was going to get the last two televisions. All in all, it wasn't bad. However, there was ONE memorable woman whom I greeted as she walked into my lane. Boistrously she says, "Hello, Sweetheart!" Hmm, is she going to be nice? She dropped a penny and bent down to pick it up. I hadn't realized SHE dropped it, I just was thinking she saw a penny and was kindly picking it up and handing it to me because I did hear her say she was going to use her card. So in the moment and her unaware that I was not aware she dropped a penny, she hands it to me. Now, I already heard her say she was going to use her card. So her handing me a penny did not register as making any sense to me.
"Is this your penny?" I ask confusedly.
"Yes," she says, with a sudden change in her demeanor. It's funny how quickly these people can change! "Put this toward what I owe." Still confused thinking she said she was going to use the card cause no one in 6 years of employment has anyone ever just given me a penny to apply toward their amount while they put the rest on the card, I ask, "Are you going to use the card?" I asked that because I thought if she is going to give me more cash, I don't see why I should just apply the penny, I'll do it as a whole sum of whatever cash she gives me. Well, now she's getting irrate! "YES, I'M GOING TO USE THE CARD! HURRY UP, I WANT TO GET OUT OF HERE! I'M TIRED OF DEALING WITH NOSEY SALES PEOPLE!" "Ma'am, it's just a misunderstanding." Then she starts mumbling about how all the stupid people who couldn't get a job at Walmart end up at Target. Mumble, mumble, mumble. I pretend to be occupied with other matters, like her friend who was next in line and much kinder. Then she walks away. Again I hear her voice behind me saying "Girl, I'm going to kick your butt." I didn't want to give her the satisfaction of knowing I heard what she said, so I just kept helping my next guest. She must be bi-polar, I liked the first one better.

Anonymous said...

Bravo on a job well done. (I've been reading for about two years, but I also went back and read everything in your archives, too!)

Best wishes!

High-Maintenance & Hostile Heidi said...

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

I told my family about the "doctor" who lost his $52,000 paycheck at Wal-Mart post during Thanksgiving dinner and they bust a gut laughing. They all said they were going to start reading your blog.

In fact, my dad even brought it up when we were in the car, driving to all the Black Friday sales.

And now I find out my favorite blogger is moving on...sniff, sniff...I'm so happy for you but yet, I will miss your Wal-Mart stories so much...WAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!

Just Julie said...

To anonymous at Target; I think your unpleasant customer has figured out yet another way to scam on returns. (I wonder did you check her ID against her credit card?) All returns that were purchased on credit card go back to the card; BUT if it was a split payment with ANY cash involved the return register won't usually force it to go back to the card. That's a little loophole I've found. For the honest person who is not pushing their credit limit, this is not a problem, but some people are ticked off when they hear their refund HAS to go back to the card.

labsnabys said...

Oh, wow -- I go away for the holiday, and come back to find out one of my favorite blogs in the world is leaving me! I'm happy for you, but sad for us. I'm amazed anyone can last at Wal-Mart for 3 years, so I have to hand it to you. Best of luck with your new site!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed reading Behind the Counter.

I'll be sorry not to read about your latest adventures in the House of Wal, but I can't tell you how glad I am that you've finally quit working there. You shouldn't have to go through that kind of misery just to satisfy a bunch of internet groupies. :)

I look forward to reading your new blog and wish you the best of luck for the future.


FourPillars said...

Kudos on a job well done!


Anonymous said...

I just read your farewell entry. In tears. I may protest.

Obob said...

I think about this blog everytime I go to Wal Mart, I am scarred for life

Kyle said...

Policy Update: Wal-Mart does accept starter and counter checks, but they must have the customer's name and address, and must be approved by a CSM/CSS or manager (trust me, it's in the policy).

spleeness said...

I miss your posts about life in hell at walmart, but am happy that you're not stuck behind the counter anymore. You paid your dues! You're such a great writer though, you really should turn this into a book.

Anonymous said...

I have a question. Just found your blog and have been reading the older posts. Great and entertaining. Good luck with your new one - will check it out!

The question is, how does Walmart know if someone has ripped off Blistex or a Bic lighter?

I can see noticing that power tools are gone, but small things?

mert said...
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NIKE said...

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