Saturday, September 08, 2007

My change, my lovely lovely change

Maybe it is just me, but I would sure as hell notice if I magically did not get the entire green paper bill portion of my change.

Especially seeing as how that was $30. At a regular register. I mean, I ain't so rich I throw back twenties and tens like they is small fry.

"But I was in a hurry to get to the other coast." OK. And............ You left your brain and your change at register 12?

They counted the register. And checked the tape. You lie like a bad toupee.

Please leave now. Kthxbai.

UPDATE: When the cash office girl got in at night, she looked over the records from Sept. 5, the day this incident allegedly happened. That register was short $5.36 that day. If he had not gotten his change, it would have been OVER at least $30. So no dice. He left and did not put up a fuss. He was just trying to get a fast $30 for a couple of bags of ditch weed.


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised he didn't give up when the CSM offered to count down the till. Usually the scammers give up at that point. Effin' crackheads

ShopGirl said...

To be fair, eons ago I was short changed, but I when I got to my car I re-counted, checked my receipt and went back in. Instead of a tenner, she gave me a dollar. They did the drawer count and it came up short $1. She had pocketed the $10 - but fessed up fairly quickly. All that for $10?

These days I check, but I figure if I get short changed, it's my own problem. Another reason to use credit or ATM cards, unless the purchase is under $10.

Many of my customers are shocked when I count back change. It's so "old school".

Anonymous said...

Thats old school? I'm 20, always count back change to the customer, and never have had one of these incidents.

Anonymous said...

I count back change using the total of the purchase as a starting point and counting up to the amount given to me. Some people thank me for being so "old school" and some give me a dirty look then hold up my line recounting the change to see if it equals the receipt amount. Then I hear "okay, it is correct" as if they are cops checking my alibi

Anonymous said...

Heh! Kudos to you all for counting out the change, extra points for counting up the the amount given you. most of the time, I suspect the clerk couldn't make change if it weren't for the magic money box in front of them.