Saturday, August 11, 2007

Five Finger Fridays: V.2.0

I might make this a weekly feature. I have to remember to make a list - and try to do it on the sly. Keep in mind this is just at the Service Desk. There's another ten-gallon bin back in Claims that gets filled up every single day. Every. Single. Day.

- a package of Revlon eye shadow
- four packages of Rayovac AA batteries
- one package of Energizer hearing aid batteries
- DVD of "The Number 23" zero taste
- One box of Alli (no word on the toilet paper)
- a package of flaming skull decals for a car or motorbike
- a knife, the kind from sporting goods that is supposed to be locked up
- two Daddy Yankee CDs
- a package of Neutrogena concealer
- a Glade Scented Oil Plug-In
- a Dole Juice drink (half-consumed in store, very likely not paid for)
- a Vtech infants phone toy
- two pairs of gel insoles for men's shoes
- two ladies watches - one Metro 7 brand, one a low-end Cascio
- one package of Scuncï hair bands (Mötley Crüe escaped)
- a one gig USB Flash drive
- and two copies of "300" Seriously. Thieving is so NOT Sparta. And Leonidas would so kick you into the pit for stealing


Jessica said...

Thieving is so NOT Sparta. And Leonidas would so kick you into the pit for stealing

I love you. :-D

Scott said...

I agree with Jessica, and honestly, who steals eye shadow that and the rayovac batteries???? If you're gonna steal batteries, at least steal some good ones. The Allo shouldn't be too hard to find either. Just look for the trail throughout the store. :P

Ed said...

trust me as a claims assoc. I see alot of stuff thats stolen. Some times its really stupid and I have to shake my head and ask why.

Random Sampling:
make-up of course
hot wheels
animal crackers
1/2 a set of walkie talkies
the remote of out of the $29.99 dvd player
4 bottles of water out of a 24 pack
2 stickes of gum
all the armor all wipes

Oh you wanna know something really cool? We had an XBOX 360 come back. They had photo copied someone elses serial number and taped it over theirs.


I forgot my name badge said...

I have - in the BBQ grills mind you - found four tubes of itch cream of various brands, some KY, condoms (XXL of course), CDs, movies, and two packages of Pepto Bismol. If the itching is serious enough for FOUR tubes of various brands of cream then get thee to a doctor and don't touch anything else on the way out of the store! And if you're gonna steal, make it good. Go big or go home, huh?

Steve said...

You Are Awesome! You're blog is great.

Dawne said...

I love the "stolen" posts! Gel shoe inserts?? Really?? LMAO!

Anonymous said...

So, this whole not prosecuting theft under $25 is still going, right? Because I need me some of them there gel insoles.
Are you gellin' gellin'?

Anonymous said...

Your blog was linked to a loss prevention forum that deals with theft and security issues.

Anonymous said...

so wait, these are things that people tried to steal, but got caught?

or is it from when you do inventory

FARfetched said...

I think he's talking about items that have been taken and the (empty) packaging left behind. That seems to be a common way around the "security" tags.

Victor said...

I beg to differ, stealing so so Sparta. When children were growing up they lived in packs of kids to survive If they were caught, they were punished for being caught, not for stealing.

Anonymous said...

As a vendor employee, I see the grocery claims area daily in a supercenter. The common thing seems to be seven packs of Gatorade, where someone has torn off and consumed a single bottle. Same thing happens with 6 packs of sodas, 4 packs of energy drinks, cases of water, and so on. Christ people, spend a lousy quarter and buy a Sam's choice out of the machine.

Clark said...

I used to collect them so I can understand why people would steal packaged Hot Wheels.
I'm not condoning it. I'm just saying I understand that part.
Do you have anyone to check the toilet tanks each night?
I was a sub in a rural high school years ago and the meth-head teenagers there told me they would take PS2 memory cards to the bathroom with them. Then put them in plastic bags and then in the toilet on top of the tall thing. Then come back the next day and go to the bathroom, take the cartridge and leave.

Emily said...

Why wouldn't they just take the cartridges that day? Also, thieving is so NOT Sparta. Especially taking from the group. It's the group that kills the Persians. So they would be punished from taking from another of their own. But they wouldn't be punished for taking something from an enemy. Or sticking a giant gavel thing through them.

Celine said...

I will admit to working at a Wal-Mart Pharmacy. That was a low point in my work history. Anyway, things that were stolen from the Pharmacy section are:

pregnancy tests
weight loss bars
protein bars
reading glasses
weight loss pills
water pills
epsom salt

The condoms and pregnancy tests always puzzled me. Why? Well would anyone wanted to be arrested on charges for shoplifting condoms and/or a pregnancy test.

Anonymous said...

"Why? Well would anyone wanted to be arrested on charges for shoplifting condoms and/or a pregnancy test."

Well, wrong as it may be, some people are just too embarrassed to be seen purchasing those things. (Which to me...if you're too immature to buy such things, you're likely too immature to be having sex.)

I agree, though, that it seems completely stupid to risk being caught and that THAT would be more embarrassing than actually paying for such items.

Michael said...

As someone who once worked in a drugstore, I'm going to say that most of the condom theft is by teenagers. They're either short on cash, too embarassed to buy them, or under the impression that adults won't sell condoms to minors.

And the pregnancy tests are being stolen by the kids who should have stolen more condoms, obviously.

Want to hear about a new level of disgusting theft? (This one might actually be return fraud, but it's a good story, and by "good," I mean "gross.") I was at a Meijer (regional chain, a lot like Wal-Mart, but slightly less evil) a couple of weeks ago picking up new blades for my Norelco, and found a pack of blades where somebody had razored small slits in the plastic package, removed the blades, and replaced them with used blades. You could tell the blades were used, because the thief hadn't bothered to clean them off.

Yeah, I told you it was gross.