Sunday, March 11, 2007

Mean people suck

There are some truly horrible human beings out there. And honestly, most of them must roll through a Wal-Mart on a Sunday.

I was cashing a paycheck for these two teenagers when this man walked up and .. well, I'm getting ahead of myself. This is how it went down.

I'm cashing the check and the girl is complimenting me on my glasses. (Juicy Couture sunglasses with regular lenses, I do gots some style). Anyway, I see this man walk up.

The teenyboppers are just to the left of my register and my cash drawer opens up and I lean down to start counting out the money for her check when the man comes up, puts his hands on the counter, leans over and goes "I'm going to ask you a question!" in this real aggressive tone of voice.

ME: "Can you give me just one second sir to finish this check for these people?"
HIM: "No. I've got a problem right now." And the two girls sort of pull away from him and then give him a dirty look.
HIM: "You better get a (expletive) manager here right (expletive) now."
ME: "What do you need sir?"
HIM: "That hair cuttin' place down there, there ain't nobody in it."
ME: "Sir, Wal-Mart only rents that space to Regis. We do not staff it or manage it."
HIM: "There's a bunch of (expletive) people waiting to get their hair cut."
ME: "Sir, can you please just let me give this young lady her money and I can try to help you?"
HIM: "You better tell me the name of that place and a (expletive) manager and who (expletive) owns it."
ME: "Sir, Wal-Mart does not have any responsibility for that hair salon."
HIM: "Well you got your hair cut didn't you?" (And what does that have to do with anything?)
ME: "Not there."
HIM: "You better tell me who (expletive) owns it."
ME: "The name is SmartStyle, sir. The name is right above the door. It is owned by Regis." And he stomps off.

I apologize to the two girls WHO WERE STILL WAITING FOR THEIR MONEY. And the woman behind them goes "What was his problem? He already had an ugly haircut."


Anonymous said...

I work at Wal-Mart - I agree we get the worst customers on Sundays in the pharmacy as well. I had one today accuse me of keeping his sleeping meds from him because his insurance wouldn't cover them without a prior approval (the dr has to call the insurance to get it covered)I told him he could pay cash $ 133.00 (off the insurance) he didn't like that much. Therefore Wal-Mart is out to get him and his is tranferring his business ( we do around 415 scripts a day )elsewhere -if only that were true

yellowdog granny said...

Holy Shit!...if I worked there he would have to have surgery to remove my converse tennie shoe from his are a better man than I am gunga din..

FARfetched said...

Next time some buttmunch pulls that stunt, try totally ignoring it until you finish with the current customer....

Anonymous said...

You wear sunglasses at the customer service desk?

Someone ought to smack them off your face.

Also, why didn't you throw the (vegetatively) out of the store?

You are allowed to fire customers.


Anonymous said...

Juicy Couture makes regular eye wear as well, Anon. I seriously doubt our Blogger would wear sunglasses at the CS desk if for no other reason than it would be exceedingly rude to speak with customers while wearing them (and I'm sure Wal-Mart doesn't allow it). I swear to fucking god, common sense is in SHORT supply. Obviously, YOU need to be slapped upside the head in hopes of rattling something lose that might give you the ability to think and reason.

I would have given that rude asshat a piece of my mind had he cut in front of me. I think you need to keep thorazine cookies at the counter to pass out in these situations. Added humor would have been to ask him if he was planning to visit the Hunting Department today and if he were, you needed to alert them to lock away all weapons and ammunition.

Classic example of a person that hears but doesn't listen.

Anonymous said...

BBC clearly said that they are sunglasses with regular lenses in them. Meaning they're clear and he/she is using them as regular prescription eyewear. I'm just curious to which model you're referring to, some of those juicy sunglasses are insane looking!

High-Maintenance & Hostile Heidi said...

Omigod. I am dying right now.

I hope that a$$hat goes and rips into the people at Regis. I would have gladly provided you with their customer service number because, unfortunately, I am all too familiar with their employment practices... they're about as bad as Walmart if you ask me.

Hmm, I wonder if the little punks I used to supervise a few years ago moved to Florida and didn't bother to show up at work like usual and that's why the salon was closed? Or maybe they were in the back washing their hair! Nevermind, the fact there's customers in the store to assist!

Anonymous said...
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red line said...

Mean or not, no one has the right to abuse you. I would have said sir, you can wait your turn or you can go back to the hair salon, but if you want service here, you can stop using obscenities or I will call the police to escort you off the premises.

Anonymous said...

ROFL @ the lady behind him