Saturday, March 24, 2007

Behind the Counter on Twitter

I've added a new feature over in the right sidebar. It's called Twitter, which has been percolating through the Internet and exploded this past few weeks.

Basically, it is sort of like mobile blogging combined with text messaging. The upshot of it is that I can send text messages from my cell phone and they will go to my Twitter site ( and to my followers' (sounds so cultish) cell phones.

If you register for a free Twitter account, you can get MY updates on YOUR cell phone. So if you absolutely, positively HAVE to HAVE that "Behind the Counter" fix, register for a Twitter account.

What I'm going to try to do this Sunday is update to Twitter and thus Behind the Counter constantly via cellphone messages.

At other times, Twitter will offer a little window into my life. I'm not sure this is something I'm going to do in the long term, but it sounded interesting.

Personally, I think my writing is getting stale and predictable. How many evil customers can you read about? Really? So it was either Twitter or start selling T-shirts. Anyone got mad design skills?

Disclaimer: Twitter is free, other than the charges from your cell provider for sending/receiving text messages. There is ZERO cost associated with setting up an account, receiving messages or sending tweets. I am not getting any money from Twitter. In fact, the people who came up with it aren't getting any money from it.


LooseCannon said...

I've mentioned this before (or tried to, I'm not sure the comment posted) but in the past week or so, I've read your blog finish to start (yes, in that order). Writing isn't getting stale, although you definitely have your own style! The twitter window is oddly.....odd. Not bad, just weird. It'll take some getting used to :)

Anonymous said...

SHIT...I won't be "Twittering" as I have enough bullshit in my life to contend with, in regards to electronic devices, and have no intentions of ever sending or receiving text messages!

Stale, predictable...How you came to that conclusion is beyond me!

Genius, in your writing style and delivery, is more like it!

Anonymous said...

Your experiences and point of view is what keeps the blog interesting. Please don't start selling T-shirts!

FARfetched said...

I'm resisting Twitter myself.

The only thing "predictable" about BTC is that you're going to meet the dregs of Wal-Mart society on any given day, and it's always fun to see the morons squirm when you don't roll over for them.