Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Phoning home

I understand if you don't got good credit and can't get a real cell phone. But really, those Boost Mobile phones will run you some money.

You can do a MoneyGram payment to re-load your Boost Mobile phone. You don't have to buy a phone card or anything - you just send in money. Which is a total rip-off in my book, because the FEE to reload the phone is $8.50. Yep. And people are all the time reloading $20 or $30. Look. If I got to spend $8.50 just for the PRIVILEGE of putting minutes on the phone, I'm going to load the thing up.

But anyway.

This girl comes up with her best friend (and the best friend's toddler) in tow Saturday night. She's got on cutclearuptohere cutoffs and a tight blue baby doll tee. She's got her nose, tongue and belly button pierced and is wearing huge gold hoops. She's totally working it. Too bad the toddler totally ruins the image these two are trying to work.

She wants to reload her phone. She give me a line "Please make sure you put the right number in because they always screw it up and it takes me forever to get it straightened out."

So I read everything on the MoneyGram form back to her. Big shocker, her handwriting is so bad I have to correct three things. When did penmanship get so bad? If you are conducting business, DON'T WRITE LIKE YOU'RE ILLITERATE. Then again, she looks like she knows one business -- and one business only.

So I start working on the MoneyGram. And I ask her "Is this your phone number? Because it says you've never sent a MoneyGram before."

And I read it off to her. She gets snippy and I punch it in again. Same results. If she's reloaded her card, it should be pulling up her account information. Therefore, this phone number isn't right. And she's giving me a lecture on "screwing it up?"

So the little minx starts calling everyone she knows "Do you know my Boost Mobile number? Can you look on your phone and tell me my Boost number? What's my Boost number?"

Twenty minutes later, she finally gets it. And indeed, the number she wrote down on the form and told me TWICE was correct is in fact wrong.

And again, I'm the one that got the lecture on "screwing it up?"


FARfetched said...

There seems to be a certain type of woman who would rather have sensitive body parts pulled off than to admit she made a mistake. I happen to be married to one.

grundes said...

If she's in a particular type of business you would expect her to know her phone number very well... But may be she had her supply of business cards ran out.

Debo Blue said...

The customer is always right...until we show them they're wrong, then they blame US for them being wrong!

Life in customer service:-)

Library Rat said...

People actually let themselves be charged $8.50 to spend more money?

Looks to me like somebody got GoPwned.

mujuboo said...

Hey Anon - I love the site. My in laws all work at Target, so have some great stories to tell, but none come anywhere close to the ghettoness you go through on a daily basis.

I had a quick question, and not that it matters, but is the author of the site male or female? Just would help me picture some of these encouters better.


Mujuboo said...

Nevermind on the question. Found the answer.

yellowdog granny said...

if I had your job, I would be tweeking by 10am...

osisbs said...

How did you not just whack her?